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"See Grace Fly" on DVD

The DVD should be available through the movie's official site (http://www.seegracefly.com/) but right now the “order form” button leads to a 404 page, on another site. I e-mailed them to say so, and ask for the shipping fees to Europe. The DVD itself is announced at CAD25.00, which is about US$20.00 and €15.00.

For those who wouldn't know, the movie tells the story of a woman, Grace, who becomes schizophrenic after her mother's death and starts to foretell of the end of the world. But is she really mad, or just clearsighting? Nick doesn't *appear* in the movie, but he's one of the main voices Grace hears. I'm quite sure it's his voice at the very beginning of the teaser.

I already have the movie as I downloaded it from the start (at a ridiculously cheap price, something like US$ 6.00 on a Canadian site). But of course I'd prefer to have the DVD version...

It's “an independently produced, artist-funded DVD”, so it would be fine to support them, right? And it's “open zone”, to be played everywhere.


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25th Dec, 2008 12:25 (UTC)
I absolutely love his voice.
27th Dec, 2008 11:35 (UTC)
Nick´s voice , I´m agree with ratboy krycek i love his voice well i love all Nick.
I saw your artwork in the zines for Christmas thanks for doing a comic with Krycek and Marita i love both.
23rd Jun, 2011 12:24 (UTC)
See Grace fly.
I've been looking everywhere for this movie. It'n not on cineflix anymore, as far as I know it's still not released on dvd.
I understand you have this movie, could you please help me obtain a copy of the movie? I fully intend to buy the dvd when it's released (really want to see the extra's) but for now I just really want to see it. Or maybe you know where to buy the dvd? The website seegracefly.com doesn't work anymore. My email address is: dutchgirl41@home.nl Thanks!
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