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I'm sick. I didn't eat or drink too much, I was contaminated by Mom. On New Year's Eve she went for the second time in two days to ER, and a few hours later I was sick as a pig (or so we say here). Gastro-enteritis, I'm just recovering a little today.
I'll give news and send the calendars later, sorry again. Sanitized hugs to all– though it's aerial virus, so you're not at risk through DSL. And forgive the typos if any.


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3rd Jan, 2009 11:12 (UTC)
I wish you and your mom get well soon.
Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs*
4th Jan, 2009 09:18 (UTC)
Thank you! It's 48 hours and as the doc said, it's better. Phew.
3rd Jan, 2009 11:57 (UTC)
Hope you feel better soon {{{HUGS}}} - the vomiting bug is about the only one I didn't have over this Christmas - worse Christmas for illness in over a decade for me, and I'm still coughing hard :(
4th Jan, 2009 09:21 (UTC)
That fucking bug ravaged the country this year, everybody got it with a very few exceptions. And it falls upon you like a hurricane, no time to say, "Hey, what's up?" I usually go with a few colds or sore throat.
3rd Jan, 2009 12:10 (UTC)
I hope you, and your mum, get well soon.
4th Jan, 2009 09:25 (UTC)
Thanks, Lynda. I called the hospital yesterday, Mom's doing fine, she's in infectious deseases section (altogether with old people) because of her general state of course. It's something less to worry about, she's in good hands. I just have to take care of Paul who's practically dying, of course, since *I* am sick...! Or rather, have been, I feel okay to leave today and do some errands, check on Mom's cat myself (her neighbour went to feed him very kindly).
3rd Jan, 2009 13:18 (UTC)
Hope you feel lots better soon.
4th Jan, 2009 09:28 (UTC)
Thank you, I do, thanks to the meds. The doc on watch could come only late in the evening, but Paul's helper came and brought me some, with a lot of advices from her and her Mom (who's a nurse). So I took my pills and pudders, drank a lot, slept even more... I was still a little dizzy yesterday, but this morning I feel refresh. Ratty made me a Russian tea, he has a good heart under his black armor LOL
3rd Jan, 2009 16:21 (UTC)
Just adding my wishes for a speedy recovery!
4th Jan, 2009 09:30 (UTC)
Thanks a lot Susan, with your large family, I'm sure you're a nurse almost full time... Yes, I feel better this morning, phew.
3rd Jan, 2009 21:20 (UTC)

Here we say "sick as a dog!". I hope you're feeling better very soon!

I hope your mother is okay, too.

::get well hugs::

et Bonne Année!

4th Jan, 2009 09:32 (UTC)
Malade comme un chien, voui, on dit ça aussi... Par contre la fièvre est habituellement « de cheval », et les remèdes aussi d'ailleurs ! Ca va mieux, Mamamn est à l'hôpital pour un petit moment, donc elle est en de bonnes mains et ça me fait un souci en moins. Ton icone avec le petit poussin (ou est-ce un caneton ?) est toute mignonne LOL
4th Jan, 2009 19:45 (UTC)

Je pense que c'est un caneton. C'est vrai qu'il est mignon. =>}

Les chevaux chez nous, c'est pour les gens avec un grand appétit! "J'ai aussi faim qu'un cheval!" *g*

Quand on a une fièvre, c'est juste une fièvre. =>}

C'est bien que tu auras un peu de répit avec ta mère à l'hôpital. Je va guérir plus vite comme ça!

4th Jan, 2009 05:01 (UTC)
*hugs you tight*

Oh no! Get lots of rest and feel better. I'm sending lots of hugs and healing vibes to you and your Mom.
4th Jan, 2009 09:35 (UTC)
Thank you for the vibes, Lorelei, they proved efficient :o)
I feel stronger today, and I'm sure Mom will be soon all right and back to her dear home.
Snowy icon? Could happen soon here, today it's sunny but under 0, and I'm afraid there's rain or worse to come. Must feed the birds quickly, btw.
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