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A slightly unusual request...

I (almost) never asked for a specially written fic, but while updating my Nicholas Lea site, I suddenly had an idea: when Alex Krycek was in Hong-Kong (Piper Maru, 1995) he could have met Feïlong and had business with the Baishe leader, trying to sell the DAT tape probably... So if there's a writer over there who's both an X-Files and Viewfinder fan, that could be an interesting theme, couldn't it? With smex, of course, but I wonder who would be the uke and who the seme LOL


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3rd Jun, 2009 22:26 (UTC)
OMG! I <3 Viewfinder so much! Hottest yaoi manga EVER, imo lol. Krycek/Feilong is a brilliant idea. *salivates for fic* so I'll second that request and in the meantime maybe I'll try my hand at writing something...though it'll probably not be that good, heh.
4th Jun, 2009 07:42 (UTC)
At least, a connoisseur :o)
I'd like to write it myself, but I'm totally short on the HK scenery and Chinese world, so it would lack authenticity at the least. I'm not a US specialist either but after watching and reading so many stories taking place there you can give it a try. I suppose I still could write Alex, though it's been a loooooong time since I last did, but he's like chocolate, you can't forget the taste ROTFL

I wonder too what Feïlong could see into the HK Krycek who looked like a tramp, blackened eyes and all, and if he has any interest in UFO and alien stuff. But of course, he could be the witness/subject of some unexplained phenomena. And/or be intrigued by the easyness with which Krycek could enter his premices; even if Krycek wouldn't have the slightest chance agaisnt the Ice Princess in close combat– I never underestimate Alex, but we're talking Feïlong here and his lethal body.

At last, Krycek would probably know about Mikhaïl Arbatov, he's been long enough with the KGB to ignore the Russian Mafia.
5th Jun, 2009 05:14 (UTC)
I lived in China for a couple of years, so I'd probably be able to get most of the details down pretty well, though it's been a while since I've been back. I was actually thinking more of a PWP, you know? Skip all the hassle with the details, lol, especially since I haven't read viewfinder for so long and you can't find it anywhere online...a pity.

I've never written an X-Files fic (actually 4 fics is all I can claim to my name in any fandom), but this plot bunny does have my muses rearing their heads in interest.
Of course, we could try co-writing it, since you've written Krycek before, and I could try Feilong's POV. Have you ever read Satina's and Shannon's IM roleplays? (though the idea of Krycek and Feilong talking to each other over IM...*snickers* does Feilong even use computers?)

Hmmm idk. I've got a few plot bunnies to chase down for this fic.
9th Jun, 2009 19:13 (UTC)
A plot bunny in the waking...
Sorry for not answering at once, I was busy with some stuff (voting for UE elections, watching the first eps of Hikaru No Go...)
I read a good deal of stories by Satina and Shannon but not their role-plays; yet I'm familiar with the system for reading Skinner/Krycek Sanctuary by Gaby and Raven, but I don't feel like writing this way, it asks for some special skill I think.

I re-read some of my own fics (I haven't written in years as I said). I had put some on a new version of my site (Kand's Wonderland) and a part of the ancient one can still be found thanks to the Web Archives.

If you have a look at them you'll see I was writing a veryveryvery explicit slash! I wrote parody sometimes (“Of Margaritas and Bunnies”), hard/dark stories (“On Every Street” for example; part 3 isn't for weak hearts), and also pure pwp (“Double-Jeu”). So I don't feel unable to write Krycek/Fei Long at least for the sex scenes.

My main problem (besides the Chinese scenery and atmosphere) would be to remember, and most of all, understand! the whole DAT/HK adventure. In fact, I'm not quite sure CC really knew what was going on in the arc...!

I should re-watch this part of the arc to grasp the undercurrent ideas. I have a small clue for a start, e-mail me if you want to know more. I never wrote in duo so to speak, but I'm not against the concept. And beware, English isn't my first language, so I always need a strong beta; I've had several (Dr Ruthless, Betagoddess, Inky, Aqualegia, among else).
11th Jun, 2009 06:22 (UTC)
Re: A plot bunny in the waking...
Yes, you’re right. Writing IM fic would be hard, I think.

Just went to your sites and read a few of the stories, and wow, let me tell you, the “Wonders of Submarine Life” rendered me speechless for a while, in a good way. It was so full of lolz. “Spanking of the moray” – that was so great, and the whole fic cracked me up. I’ll never view a fish tank in the same way again! Also, “When I’ll Close My Eyes” was painfully intense.

I’ll admit, the DAT tape arc does get a bit confusing at times.
I’ve actually started on a FeiLong/Krycek fic while trying to work around the XF plot at the time. Let’s see how that works out. I’m a slow writer, though, but hopefully I’ll be able to post this fic soon. It’s not going to be too long of a fic, I don’t think. But yays! This will be my first slash fic!

And yes, I’d love to read a VF/XF fic if you write one. I can try to beta it for you, but I should warn you, I have never been a beta for anyone before, so I’m perfectly okay if you find someone else to beta. I do think it’ll be fun to co-write one as well, so just let me know if you decide to do one.
13th Jul, 2009 12:38 (UTC)
After the long wait
Hey, just wanted to let you know that I've (finally) posted my fic over at my journal. I'm so sorry it took me so long. I was hoping to have it posted before I went on vacation but didn't quite make it. I've been traveling the past couple of weeks and had rather sporadic computer access. Anyway, it is up now and I hope you'll like it!
It was rather fun to write XD
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