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Fox & Ratty Cartoon of the Day : Peanut

You eat peanuts for 54 years w/o a problem, and suddenly, pouf! Surprise...
Now I'll have to read attentively each label on each product I buy, F..k.



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10th Mar, 2005 07:14 (UTC)
I'm so sorry, sweetness!! That's pretty dangerous, actually. Some people can die from that. We want you around for a long time. I'm just glad you're well enough to draw cartoons and laugh about it! :)
10th Mar, 2005 07:40 (UTC)
Re: {{{HUGS}}}
You took the words right out of my mouth.

I'm so glad you're okay, Kand.
10th Mar, 2005 07:43 (UTC)
Re: {{{HUGS}}}
Thanks for your sympathy! It started last Saturday, my ears were covered with itching pimples...
I thought it could be something I ate (among which a Snikkers bar, not the 1st one), or emotional, as I was going crazy with my Internet connection (ears=communication, you know).
The chemist gave me some pills, and yesterday I ate another Snikkers bar... And I awoke with one half-closed eye, and my ears, well, I looked like Lumpy . So it's highly probable the reason is those peanuts.
I've an appointement with my Doc in one hour (was going to write, "with the vet"!) and we'll see.
Thanks God (in a way), because of Paul's strict diet I don't buy a lot of industrial food, almost only fresh or frozen but unprocessed.
10th Mar, 2005 07:51 (UTC)
Re: {{{HUGS}}}
Well, just be careful and I'll keep my paws crossed. (I AM a spoiled puddie after all.)
10th Mar, 2005 07:40 (UTC)
Peanut allergies can be serious business! Please see a doc and let them know what's going on, and take good care of yourself!
10th Mar, 2005 07:48 (UTC)
Oh, poor poor you...yeah, watch like crazy. Peanuts can turn up in odd foods. Watch related allergies too. Legumes.

(PS I love the expression on Ratty's face when he sees poor Foxy)
10th Mar, 2005 10:01 (UTC)
Saw my Doc, she thinks too it's peanuts... I'll have a blood sample taken tomorrow morning to check this, and other common foods (nuts, fish,etc). I already know of the cartoon I'm going to make <vbg>
And I sign like on my F&R list today:
LOP (Lot Of Pimples!)
10th Mar, 2005 08:02 (UTC)
Oh my God!!! Please be careful in the future ursula4x is right peanuts are in so many foods.
Poor You and Foxy! Poor Ratty too, he must be so worried!!!
*Big big HUG*
10th Mar, 2005 11:04 (UTC)
Glad the first reaction was mild enough to just alert you to a new allergy. That's scary. Please be careful.
10th Mar, 2005 20:03 (UTC)
Oh no, Kand! Well, I'm glad you found out now about your peanut allergy. Sometimes allergies can develop unexpectedly later in life. I was 30 when I developed an allergy to adhesives, like the ones on Band-Aids and surgical tape. My mother got the same allergy when she was 30 and so did her mother! LOL!

I'm sorry about your allergy. *hug* I know you'll probably miss the things you used to eat but it's good you found your allergy when you did. You will have to be quite careful, because even seemingly peanut-free foods could bother you if they were made in an environment that also uses peanuts.
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