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Thank you for my virtual gifts!

A great thank you to aqualegia, tarlanx and inlaterdays for your virtual gifts and alterai for the cute mouse! The balloons are hanging over my puter and I'm going to drink those refreshing coconuts, perfect with the summer canicule, phew. Huh, Lynda, "cocktail", did you put some white rum inside???
That's so sweet of you to have thought of me; only my on line friends can do so. Paul never remembered special days, even when he had his head, like most men :o/ and this morning, Mom didn't recognize me I think. There are so many strangers coming and going at hers with home hospitalization that sometimes she just refuses to notice people around her, and also forgets I'm coming each day. I can't blame her for that, really.
And I opened at last! my "Cloud Strife action figure plus byke" box this morning, as I've been watching it standing on the TV set for more than 3 months LOL. I already lost a tiny piece :o( but I should be able to make one easily from a small piece of plastic. That's my second figurine with Fujiwara no Sai, am I becoming an otaku? Anyway I don't think this could help me learning how to ride a byke, no more than having Sai here is improving my very poor go skill XD
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