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VF : « La rue s'allume »

This isn't quite for Asami's birthday, but a French song from my childhood was hauting me and suggested that drawing to me... Characters belong to Yamane-sensei.

I don't want Asami and Akihito to part; let's suppose Asami is leaving Aki for a while, maybe for safety reasons, or for a business trip. Or perhaps Aki's sad because Asami's still unable to express his feelings...
La rue s'allume, Viewfiner
You can find a wider version (1200x854) here: http://pics.livejournal.com/kanld/pic/000eg0th

You may download the song on Mediafire (I hope it's working, first time I use the site for uploading something.)

And here's my translation— lyrics are by Louis Ducreux, music by André Popp, singer Michèle Arnaud. Clumsiness is all mine XD

La rue s'allume

Outside the street comes on
Yellow orange or canary
A cigarette smokes
Next to the bed where I'm reading
Why tonight can't I stand
The smell of roses?

Rain wets the asphalt
His car noiselessly flies away
And the bedroom puts perfume on
With a vanished hope
And myself, tonight, I can't stand
The smell of roses

He had a beautiful suit
Colour of a Paris evening
Pink and gray, colour of mist
Vague, like himself
Yet it's him who had brought to me
Those few roses
Which I can't stand
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