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Tanbishugi, at last!

I just received the French BeBoy Magazine (#9) and they publish the third chapter of Tanbishugi (Aestheticism) by Motoni Modoru. It's the third of the three chapters that were the only ones available in scanlation on line. And they advertise the issue of the whole volume, under the title In the Name of Beauty for March 17th. I'm happy!!! Though I don't get why they used an English title instead of a French one or the original? They announce it as a "one shot", probably because it's a collection of one-shots.
They already published, among else, Silent Love (Bukiyou na Silent), Viewfinder by Yamane Ayano, Yebisu Celebrities, Welcome to the Chemistry Lab, Vanilla Star... They're going to publish Junjou Romantica too :o)
I can't judge of the translations, the pages are frequently cut a little at the margins, the paper and size are the usual "quality" for manga books.


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21st Nov, 2010 19:49 (UTC)
This is great news! Thank you for sharing :) you must be glad that you can finally read all of this motoni modoru manga? It's so unfortunate that the english translation stopped and all.
26th Nov, 2010 21:51 (UTC)
Sorry dear for not answering immediately, I was so pleased to read of you. Yes, you can guess how much I'm happy to wait for this book! I wonder if I could scan and translate from French to English the chapters we still miss, but I can't be sure of the quality of the original translation... But at least you would be able to see the drawings XD. Let's wait for March, so, and cross finger for no delay in the publishing!
27th Nov, 2010 00:10 (UTC)
No worries! And I hope they'll do a great job with the book and that there will be no delays :) and it would be amazing if you'd translate it! I'd love to read it! I have a copy of the manga is japanese but it's always easier in either french or english. Well let's wait till march first!

And by the way, thanks again for recommending that ebay store that sells the bluecat volumes, I order volume 5 and it arrived in perfect condition! :)
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