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Yes, it's 小雪, the season of "minor snow" or light snow. Snow was forecasted for two days ago, then today they said it would be next Monday... Eventually at 4:30pm it started with very light flakes and went on for less than a quarter of an hour. Back at home (I had the PT and went to the chemist) I put some salt in front of the house though the ground was quite dry, but you never know what night can bring. Less than an hour later, BOOOOM! a thunderstroke shook the house. I rushed to check in the veranda: the garden was all white! And in city lights I saw a thin but persistent snow falling, with cars back from work "running" like snails. That's when I shot the photo :o)
I told Paul about the thunder and the snow, he answered he never saw that together. Okay his memories are more than blurry now but yet. And my cleaning-lady called because her 12 old son and herself wondered all the same. Then our friend Annie from the next village... So, have you ever heard a thunderstorm (however short) with a snowfall together??

Early snow
Tags: climate, snow, thunderstorm

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