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"24 seasons of Japan": Big Snow + Let Dai

I just recorded the short broadcast about 大雪 (ooyuki, "big snow") on NHK World. Well, it's right in time... Once again we had snow today; flakes were light but the ground is cold enough and in no time, we had about 12 cm (5") of pristine white snow in the garden. I rushed to take some photos, it's not every year we're granted such a sight. On the other hand it's more hardship for so many poor people, and much difficulties for those who have to drive or just get outside.
At least let's share some of the beauty for a few seconds; and believe me when I say it's a colour photograph of our hawthorn!
Big snow
I hope I'm not bothering you with my Japanese studies, though I don't post a lot LOL; I found this amazing site, Skritter, which offers for a cheap fee (US$9.95 per month) an interactive course in kanji (writing, reading, pronouncing), in several languages; you're even given the opportunity to add your own mnemonics, translation and else. It's based on (and let you use at your choice) a lot of books, and you can create your own lists and sublists too. For example, I'm adding the kanji in each lesson of the method I'm using here.
In one month, I learned over 250 kanji with 96% of memorization! This isn't enough to learn the language of course, you need to learn about grammar and else, either with a teacher or a method at home as I do; but ideograms are the hardest part to memorize and this is really helpful. I'm surprized to meet a growing number of kanji "ringing a bell" here and there now...

Wondering about my new icon? It's a portrait of Dai, one of the main characters in Let Dai, a manhwa (Korean manga) in 15 volumes by Sooyeun Won, a very talented author. She has an incredible gift for drawing and telling stories; that one is an emotional roller-coaster, following the hard life of a bunch of teenagers facing love, betrayal, death in many ways. But her faith in true and immortal love is more than refreshing; it's heart-breaking too, and it can make you dream, cry and hope, even at my venerable age :o). That series isn't for the faint at heart, it's violent and often cruel. Yet it throws a true spell on those who read it. There's boys love in it, but nothing graphic.

To conclude, I still feel enthusiastic about many things, which doesn't stop to astonish me, as my RL is so dull and horizon-less.
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