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Japanese keyboard...

I just learned how to use my keyboard (under Windows Vista) to type in Japanese... Till now, to add a kanji or some kana, I had to search in the on-line dictionary and make a copy-paste. I only used the "language" function of Windows to be able to display some languages properly (like Sanskrit or Greek), 'cause I dislike series of tiny empty boxes LOL.

The only "bug" is I must use the Qwerty kb, when mine is an Azerty (French stuff, you know).
Anyway there are very little variations and once you've found them, it becomes "easy as a pie". So I just have to change the language in the taskbar with one click, and I can type directly (in WordPad usually), and the software proposes several kanji in case I want to convert them from kana. Another very good thing is it's compulsory to type the word correctly, including the long syllables, otherwise you get wrong proposals... Great help when learning. And the IME system comes with a floating pad that allows you to search for an ideogram by drawing it using the mouse or through strikes number or radicals.

I'll add that WordPad (at least) is very souple, typing su or tsu, si or shi, for example, will give you the correct syllables. So you can either make the effort to type as it should be written in Latine, or rather by sheer instinct, and it comes out well.


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17th Dec, 2010 02:49 (UTC)
Love your Ratty icon up there. And I'm glad you're feeling energetic. Feeling excited about something can light up your whole life.
19th Dec, 2010 12:51 (UTC)
Thanks for the appreciation LOL.
I've made some but as LJ uses kind of sections for different moods, sometimes the icon isn't quite right with the so-said mood. I should make more of them, but it's not easy as I need to clean the outlines to avoid white pixels when displayed on a dark bg. Even so there's still some remaining.
Energetic may be a little exagerated, but drawing the calendar is improving my mood, I must say.
And I owe you a HUGE THANK YOU! for your beautiful card! As artistic as ever. I've the idea for my X-mas card which will be late of course (right in time at the best LOL), I guess I'll just put it on-line and by e-mail. I must find another idea for my New Year greetings...
(Deleted comment)
19th Dec, 2010 12:53 (UTC)
Sorry, I didn't quite get your post? I see you're Russian, if I'm not wrong. But thanks for commenting anyway. I like having new correspondents from around the world. I haven't nobody in CEI yet.
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