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Fox & Ratty 2011 calendar

As I said in the last post, it's going ahead slowly. I'm very late as usual, though I had the best intentions... But for a while I wondered if I was going to make one at all.
So this year Fox & Ratty are taking care of "great inventions" that changed human (and rat) life. In their own special way of course...
State of works: 12 detailed sketches, 5 inked, one coloured... and the cover idea is ready (in my head, that is). I'll make the usual sizes, wall and desk, in English and in French (aqualegia, I'll send soon an e-mail with the English lines so you can correct them).
To give you an idea, the inventions (following chronological order) are:

- Fire
- Wheel (Sumer)
- Papyrus paper (Aegypt)
- Alchemy (not very scientific but the result was dear to Ratty's heart)
- Printing press
- Telescope
- Electricity
- Photography
- Plane
- Parachute (not Da Vinci's, more modern one)
- PC (yup, Fox invented it!)
- Ever shrinking cellphone

I know, some of those aren't the most important ones in the world, and greater inventions lack, but pun ideas come first!

Sorry I haven't the prices yet, should be the same or so as last years, though the on-line site I'm having them printed by is increasing prices every year... Last time it was a few cents short of cost price :o/
Let's add that the drawings will be full page coloured, as in 2009 (Hercules' Works). Last year the cartoons were far more simple but I was still under the shock of Mom's death.


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