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New Cellphone and charm

I changed my old Nokia for a Samsung B3410 and I'm happy with it; it has a touch screen and a full Qwertz keyboard (that's the German version of Qwerty, but as I'm already used to jump from Azerty-French to Qwerty-for-Japanese...). I added a 8Gb mini-SDcard and can use a USB connection to the laptop. Of course the recommended software didn't work... but using the "mass storing" option and just the cable allows me to transfer files. The box held only German and English instructions for use (not a real problem) but on Amazon.fr where I bought the phone, they thought of adding a link towards the French manual in pdf, thank you! Photo quality is really medium to say the least, but sound for music is very fine. I could put my usual SIM card inside, as well as the mini card, w/o any problems. I used a portrait of Asami on the phone (appropriate LOL) as a bg. I shot it from my laptop screen as I hadn't the cable then.
Samsung B3410
My Samsung and Asami
And I offered my new phone a new charm, bought as older ones from Strapya World. It's a hand engraved wood tag that read "kuroudo arisu" (for Claude Alice, my first and middle names). I chose those kanji because tangorin.com says that kuroudo (蔵人) means "imperial records keeper" (my Dad was an archivist and gave me some training in the field); and yume (夢), meaning "dream", as a name is pronounced arisu. Strapya World made a great effort to deliver orders despite the quake; they're located in Kanagawa, south of Tokyo, and confirmed the team was all safe and sound.
wood tag kuroudu arisu
I'm not advertising :o) but don't hesitate to check their site, they have so many funny, clever and/or beautiful things.
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