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New Cellphone and charm

I changed my old Nokia for a Samsung B3410 and I'm happy with it; it has a touch screen and a full Qwertz keyboard (that's the German version of Qwerty, but as I'm already used to jump from Azerty-French to Qwerty-for-Japanese...). I added a 8Gb mini-SDcard and can use a USB connection to the laptop. Of course the recommended software didn't work... but using the "mass storing" option and just the cable allows me to transfer files. The box held only German and English instructions for use (not a real problem) but on Amazon.fr where I bought the phone, they thought of adding a link towards the French manual in pdf, thank you! Photo quality is really medium to say the least, but sound for music is very fine. I could put my usual SIM card inside, as well as the mini card, w/o any problems. I used a portrait of Asami on the phone (appropriate LOL) as a bg. I shot it from my laptop screen as I hadn't the cable then.
Samsung B3410
My Samsung and Asami
And I offered my new phone a new charm, bought as older ones from Strapya World. It's a hand engraved wood tag that read "kuroudo arisu" (for Claude Alice, my first and middle names). I chose those kanji because tangorin.com says that kuroudo (蔵人) means "imperial records keeper" (my Dad was an archivist and gave me some training in the field); and yume (夢), meaning "dream", as a name is pronounced arisu. Strapya World made a great effort to deliver orders despite the quake; they're located in Kanagawa, south of Tokyo, and confirmed the team was all safe and sound.
wood tag kuroudu arisu
I'm not advertising :o) but don't hesitate to check their site, they have so many funny, clever and/or beautiful things.


17th Mar, 2011 17:59 (UTC)
I love your phone!! Mine's a Samsung SPH-m900, which is really similar.

Is that Asami from Viewfinder? I'm reading that manga now.
17th Mar, 2011 19:38 (UTC)
Yuuuup! He's Asami-sama, one of the best seme LOL
Excellent series, I have several editions (because I wanted to contribute to the French publishing, because I want to have the last one even in Japanese, because the new translation at Juné is better and cheaper than the old ones, and one in Deutsch because I was mistaken when buying it on Amazon ROFL).
That's the big drawing they've been using as a cardboard life-size silhouette in fairs.
Asami Ryuiichi
17th Mar, 2011 19:42 (UTC)
OMG that picture. :D *fans self*

I didn't know if I'd like this series at first but now I'm addicted. Aki drunk-dialing Asami at New Year's was hilarious - and dangerous.
17th Mar, 2011 19:59 (UTC)
There's two communities on LJ that can be of interest to you (news and many fanfics): Yamane Ayano community and Club Sion.
17th Mar, 2011 20:00 (UTC)
Aaah, thank you SO MUCH!

HOT icon.
17th Mar, 2011 20:20 (UTC)
I made it from the Bahia vacations, I think. Just had to add colours with Photoshop :ob
Who's the green guy on yours? Funny!

Edited at 2011-03-17 20:20 (UTC)
17th Mar, 2011 20:26 (UTC)
He's Bob from HYDRA, kind of a comic-relief guy in Marvel comics. He has a crush on Deadpool (another Marvel comics guy). I liked the thumbs-up pose.
17th Mar, 2011 21:10 (UTC)
A gay character at Marvel's??? The world is a'changing...
In "Black Butler", my favourite (beside Sebastian) is Grell Sutcliff. I love him, he's totally crazy!!! And we have a lot more of him (her??) in season 2...
BTW, Toboso said she wanted first to make "Black Butler" a yaoi story, but her editor said it wouldn't interest enough people, so she made it an all-public manga. Grell must be what remains of the original idea LOL

Edited at 2011-03-17 21:11 (UTC)
17th Mar, 2011 21:23 (UTC)
Well, the gay with Bob is mostly implied/innuendo, but Marvel does actually have a few canon-gay characters now! Most of the action is off-panel, though.

I keep hearing really good things about Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler! I'm going to have to give that a try...I love Vampire Knight (the manga more than the anime), even though it's really melodramatic and teen-angsty. There's not much gay at all in VK but a lot of people (including me) like the two male leads paired together even though they hate each other.

That is so cool that the author wanted Black Butler to be yaoi! I think yaoi is getting a wider and wider audience these days, but maybe that's because I'm fairly new to it. (I've read regular manga on and off for years.)

Edited at 2011-03-17 21:23 (UTC)
17th Mar, 2011 21:28 (UTC)
Kuroshitsuji is mainly known from the anime (I saw it first, and downloaded season 2 online, now they're airing it on French TV). I bought also the mangas, but we're only at book 6 here, and there are a lot more details, including full arks that weren't used in the anime. So they complete each other, it's a must-read and must-watch, really.
18th Mar, 2011 06:39 (UTC)
It actually seems to me like there's a lot of gay in Vampire Knight...depending on how you look at it xDD especially the whole Zero drinking from Kaname thing, hee. And the UST!

@Kanld: Haha, love the Asami background! It is indeed appropriate :D

19th Mar, 2011 18:03 (UTC)
Aah! I just finished the series yesterday. SO GOOD. I loved the ending. Only the first two volumes are available in English, so I have those and the third one on pre-order and will buy the rest when they come out.

I'm torn between wanting to read some of Yamane Ayano's other works and wanting to re-read this one, lol. THE CHEMISTRY!


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