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Motoni Modoru, Tanbishugi, French edition

At last! I received my exemplar. Please click on the pic to see a bigger size.
Here's the cover:
Tanbishugi, French cover
It's been published under the "French" title "In the name of beauty", which is also the title of the first chapter. Other chapters' titles are also in English, and the short novel's in French.
Here's the content:

Chapter 1: "In the name of beauty" (Visconti no Eiga no You ni)
A popular author puts up an ad for a sitter, "beautiful youth who specialises in making miso soup". What is he really looking for? And is that really all he wants?

Chapter 2: "Romantic" [scanlated by Blissful Sin, dropped]
Romantic is the story of Konrad Nernst, a German-native who falls deeply in love with the Japanese Viscount he meets in his homeland. Walking a tight-rope between restraint and desire, Konrad agrees to return to Japan with the Viscount and serve as his butler. Every day the pair face the censure and mockery of those around them; the powerful magnates that control the Viscount's estate, the staff he employs and his devilish wife, Hanako. (*)

Chapter 3: "Transfigured Night" (Kiyomerareta Yoru) [scanlated by Dangerous Pleasure]
His sister is dead, but still living under the same roof with his brother in law, his secret love grows stronger for the widower. The smut writer decides to move out to end this toxic relationship.

Chapter 4: "A miserable office worker" (Hetarima!)
His brother just moved in with the salaryman and he doesn't seems too pleased. In order to avoid the younger brother, he takes to drinking with his colleagues every night, sometimes passing out in strange alleys.

These four abstracts have been found at Baka-Update Manga.

More about ch.4: Hisu, the older "brother", has been adopted by Natsu's family as an orphan. Since college he's been pursued by Natsu who's deeply in love with him. He has promised him to "do it" when the younger boy's in age. But now, despite his own feelings, he's reluctant to embrace his "brother". And he isn't truly responsible for his frequent intoxications...

Chapter 5: "The hitman's drop" (Koroshiya Drop)
This chapter isn't yaoi, it's a melancholic ballad and a thriller. A former yet young and beautiful hitman, tired of killing, has retired in the law-less red district of Shimonogi, where he owns a candy shop. A "businessman" black-mails him in another killing where he proves he's still the deadly weapon he was known for, though the result is another bitter disillusion.

Chapter 6: " L'érosion mortelle de Gaspard" (Shinshokusuru Shi no Gaspard)
This 6th chapter is a short novel, mixing yaoi/supernatural/horror. We meet again Hisu and Natsu, the lovers of "A miserable office worker". Natsu is harassed and abused by one of his teachers, and only Hisu can save him from this situation which is nothing but supernatural.
The short novel comes with four b&w illustrations, here's the first one:
L'érosion mortelle de Gaspard, cover

NB- I don't know why both the book and the five first chapters have English titles.
The short novel's French title (meaning "Gaspard's deadly erosion") is even more mysterious, as there's no Gaspard in the story... Could it be an allusion to "Gaspard de la nuit", the three dark poems for piano by Ravel?
In her postface, Motoni-sensei doesn't give any explanation about the title, but tells she first wrote short novels as a student, and was thrilled when her editor asked her to do so in order to complete the book, adding she'd like to become a full novelist.

I'll scan the chapters that haven't been put on line, do my best to translate them into English as well as the short novel, and upload them as zip files. I'll announce here when it's done and give the addy to whom is interested. To my knowledge the book hasn't been published or licensed in English. And I ordered the original version from Amazon.co.jp, which won't help a lot LOL but for some details, like types of speech used between characters.

(*) There's a prequel to "Romantic", entitled "Grand Guignol", published as a series by BexBoy Gold. The first chapter has been scanlated by Blissful Sin; the 4th chapter (8 pages only) has been published in 2010, June, with the mention つづく (to be continued)... but nothing since then.


23rd Jan, 2015 13:35 (UTC)
Not interested?? They're all crazy. CRAZY!
Of course, you don't have to if you don't want to, but I thought I'd ask ₍₍(ง ˙ ω ˙) ว I'm fine with it being from French ^^ I know that some meaning can be lost as it goes through several languages, but heck, a lot of English scanlations are done from Chinese versions, and nowadays a lot of them are done from Italian, German, Russian, and so on... so I'm pretty easy-going when it comes to that, haha

Oh jeez (;´Д`) Well, we have plenty of BL at The End that you could clean freelance if you want (ノ> ヮ<)

Σ(゜ロ゜;) I think it was stopped because it was a Libre title and they requested the scanlators to stop. Pretty much everyone stays away from Libre nowadays for this reason... OTL
I'd actually be interested in picking it up at The End; the only problem is that it's still ongoing and thus it might end up going over our limit. Basically, we finish dropped projects that were close to completion -- anywhere from one chapter to two volumes left. But if it ends up ending at two volumes we could probably do it *w* (We have some content criteria as well since our boss doesn't like rape ^^;)
23rd Jan, 2015 14:37 (UTC)
I understand publishers' angst vs scanlation teams when some (but mostly re-publishing sites) don't cancel the files once the manga is licenced. But they should understand too that many fans come to know, love and buy their products after reading some via the Internet...

For the translation, I'm going to give it a try! To me, Harrap's and OED :0)

Doing some cleaning for you, why not? I really don't know when our boss natsu will be ready to give us some work, and as I'm retired (I'm 64) I have a lot of free time. No rape if you want, but personally I have no “no-go zones” LOL. Rape, BDSM, shota, bara, everything's okay with me as long as the story, and above all, the art, is good. Do you wish me to put on my Mediafire page some examples of what I've done? So you'll see if my cleaning skills are good enough. With natsu, it's all cleaning: text, onomatopeia, even if a lot of redrawing has to be done. And of course, erasing all those damn' censor stickers.
24th Jan, 2015 12:25 (UTC)
Yeah... I think most do. But Libre is like... well, generally people don't even mention their name out of fear of attracting attention, lol


Sure, that'd be great!! (ノ> ヮ<) Though it sounds like you're pretty skilled ⊙△⊙
What we have going is Freelance Projects since we have a ton of raws and not enough people, but we don't want to take on a bunch of staff and projects all at once only to have people leave and the projects get dropped again ^^; So we essentially set up mini teams for specific manga that they want to do.
This is the basic overview, and then you can go through The List and see if there are any projects you want to do. Then we'll mark it as editor waiting and contact you when we've gotten a translator. You can also just go ahead and clean it if you want -- though there's no guarantee on when it will be done, it will be put up on the Freelance Projects page since it's already been worked on, and we'll rally for people for it. :'D
If this is all too much of a hassle I could hook you up with some other BL groups that need cleaners _(ㆆᴗㆆ」∠)_ (Or not, no pressure, hahah)

Edited at 2015-01-24 12:26 (UTC)
4th Mar, 2015 11:13 (UTC)
U...um... (;´Д`) So... it turns out that apparently the novel WAS already translated. As well as the rest of the story... ._. The requesters are supposed to check into this before requesting, since, you know, we get a lot of requests and I have to check into each one because they rarely check to see if they meet the criteria as they're supposed to, and then have to search for raws and this and that... more to the point, IF YOU WANTED TO READ IT WHY THE HELL WOULDN'T YOU LOOK FOR IT??? O| ̄|_

So, I was recently informed that it's actually done... so... yes. I don't know how far you got into translating but I apologize profusely m(__ __)m
9th Mar, 2015 17:00 (UTC)
Sorry for not answering earlier. I still had a few pages to translate, I made a lot at once but had to stop then. If it's already done by somebody else, I'd like to read it, if you have the URL, if only to check my own translation :oD. Anyway I'm glad we're not the only ones enjoying Motoni-sensei's works!

Edited at 2015-03-09 17:01 (UTC)
10th Mar, 2015 07:23 (UTC)
Erm... I did reply, but it was marked as spam probably because of the URL ^^; I wasn't sure if you would still be notified or not so I thought I'd make another comment;;


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