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Connection problems

I have big problems with my DSL connection those days; since yesterday I was out for more than 27 hours. I called the hot line, they think it's coming from my DSL filter (if so, why am I able to connect from times to times?) My phone line is very slow, around 40dB (less than half the maximum) because we're far from the "knot" and they're something like 3000 lines on it! It already happened one or two years ago and the problem was at their server. Anyway I'm waiting for a tech on Tuesday morning, I hope it'll work better then.
I don't know for how long it's going to work tonight (started at 21:55 GMT) and I'm using my "time" to work on Skritter.
So if you have to contact me and don't have an answer at once, don't hit me LOL
BTW, as I'm using "sad Ratty" icon, one I made when the Canucks had a hard time, I must say how happy I'm they won the President Trophy, and I can't wait to watch the play-offs! GO CANS GO!!!!


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10th Apr, 2011 15:25 (UTC)
Connection problems
Go Canucks!

I hope the techs get you sorted out soon.
11th Apr, 2011 10:23 (UTC)
Re: Connection problems
Yes, it's starting to get on my nerves. Yesterday I was granted 1 hour of connection at noon, just enough to check my mail, order the last Tudors DVD for Isabelle, and work a little on Skritter.
Today it just started to work, I don't know for how long...
Worst would be, the tech comes, changes my filter, and it still doesn't work because it's at their's. Then I'd have to try not to pay or to be refund for the tech visit. But I'm telling somebody who knows :o/
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