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I don't know how this can work or not...
My old modem ended suffering bad synchro, so sometimes I had a connection for 10 hours or more in a raw, and sometimes nothing for two days. Ok. Well, not that ok.
The tech who came (very efficient and serviceable, even left me his cell number for me to tell how it would work later) advised to change my contract for a LiveBox (same provider), on my main line (I have 2 since 1995, old timer you may say). The new contract would have me 1) renting only one phone line, 2) having a better band, 3) using a special phone number to call for free (up to 100 countries or so), 4) free unlimited up- and -download, 5) about the same price as my old contract, 6) and keeping my old number that everybody use to call me. Fine!
So I did the papers, came back with my box, plugged everything, waited for the 5 days delay to start it.
It worked.
I mean, the box's led sparkled like an X-mas tree, so the synchro was okay, but... the band was about 0.2Kb. Sometimes up to 5Kb... No need to say most of the sites couldn't even answer my desperate calls!!!
For two days I used back my old modem (when it consented to) as there were various problems at home keeping me from calling the hotline.
My bedroom phone (on the main line, there are two plus the LiveBox) was awfully gurggling, so this morning I added my only other DSL filter to it; better!
But my band was still sooooo low. Sigh.
I tried to call the hotline, no answer, of course :o/
But since then, my connection miraculously went better?! Can a non-answered call be enough???
So I'll see for several days if it holds on... Crossing fingers.


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21st Apr, 2011 15:30 (UTC)
I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'd cross my eyes, but they might stay that way.
21st Apr, 2011 19:01 (UTC)
Hope your connection holds, kaNd.

I hope you're getting spring flowers, too! Here, the flowering cherries are starting to bloom, and lilac buds are swelling. Also, I'm finally going to get lots of flowers on my little wisteria this time--I'm looking forward to that.

Hugs to you!
21st Apr, 2011 19:05 (UTC)
If it continues to work, then maybe the phone in was what was needed to activate the connection.
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