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Time of miracles!

1) My connection is really working now. I still had some problems when updating Firefox to 4.01, it first told me I was working off-connection (not used to), and when unchecking the function, it just froze. Each time I tried to restart it was the same. What the??? After some stunts I succeeded in re-installing the former version (3.6 something) and now it's okay. First time Firefox does something so... unWebbing >ÔoÔ<.

2) Canucks did it!!!! We're in conference finale!!! I say "we", okay, I'm not Canadian and living 8000km from Vancouver, but I've supported them for years now, so LOL. Foxy is persuaded they've all been abducted and replaced by aliens. Wasn't Mulder's favourite baseball player one? Huh? GO CANS GO!
Tags: canucks, hockey

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