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Walking around my village

Sophie, my "dame de compagnie", gives me rides with her car and we're walking around, in woods, forest, fields... Springtime too is back in the garden, though with a weird calendar due to the two frosts we suffered this winter. I have picked up my camera, and I'm back to 3D too...
You can see the pictures simply, watching only half of it, but if you know how to cross your eyes, focusing on the center of the pics, you'll see them in stereo.
For info, the Chemin des Meuniers (Millers' path) and the Chemin des Roses (Roses' path) in Villecresnes can be seen here in Google Map.

A mauve tulipe from my garden:
Tulipe mauve 3D

My new bench with the lilas in bloom:
Mandres-Banc et lilas 3D

The old Mandres railway station, closed since 1953, now a traditional and educational farm:
Mandres-Ancienne gare 3D

The Chemin des Roses:
Villecresnes-Chemin des Roses 3D

The Chemin des Meuniers:
Villecresnes-Chemin des Meuniers 3D

All that keeps reminding me of the beautiful hikes we used to do with my Paul, many years ago :o)
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