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"Old Blush China"

The first rose to bloom in the garden (after the wild rose) and it has been planted last fall. It's said to have been cultivated for over a thousand years in China, and to be able to bloom all year long if the winter is mild. I can't check the fragrance right now, 1) it's a little fresh here for smells to reveal themselves, 2) the bush is less than 30 cm high yet and my articulations, well, won't allow me to go flat on my belly outside LOL
Read more about Old Blush China.

Old Blush Chnia, Première rose de l'année 2012



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9th May, 2012 14:25 (UTC)
9th May, 2012 19:32 (UTC)
Thank you Lynda! Sophie and I went to Sénart. Weather a little threatening at first but turning to grey clouds/very blue sky, with a golden light. We picked up a lot of lily-of-the-valley, highly perfumed! I shot many photos, a good part as 3D.

Muguet sauvage, Lily-in-the-valley
9th May, 2012 16:51 (UTC)
That's gorgeous!
9th May, 2012 20:10 (UTC)
Thanks Polly. Here's a shot of a broom, quite neat. This Olympus camera I bought years ago for my hubbie and that he never used, alas, has a high quality lens!

Genêt, gros plan, Broom, close-up
9th May, 2012 20:38 (UTC)
These are glorious!

*hugs* I can't imagine how much you must miss your husband. I only know how much I miss my son; it hurts every day but some days are better than others. I feel closer to my son when I use things that once belonged to him - and I am sure your husband would be pleased to know you are putting his camera to good use. Thank you for the lovely pictures today!
9th May, 2012 18:41 (UTC)
Beautiful, kaNd! Thanks for sharing. And it's nice know you can be out in your garden now. Working in--or just enjoying--a garden can be really soothing.

... Except, of course, if your yard comes with a very long 'to do' list that you can hardly hope to make it through. I'm in that position now, but I'm trying to take it one thing at a time and enjoy the time I spend there.
9th May, 2012 20:27 (UTC)
Hello Susan! You'd have work here...
I enjoy it but I don't work at it. Better for the garden as I really haven't a green thumb! That's Mathias, my dedicated gardener, who comes once a week. Tomorrow he'll have some more roses to plant, to replace two that were burnt by the frost (a Liv Tyler and a Fox-Trot) and also a Sherlock Holmes I had chosen but not bought in fall.
Here's a stump I shot today in forest of Sénart. Interesting shape, and it really looks like the wood you can find on seashore after staying in salted water. But we're 200 km from the closest sea LOL

Souche blanchie, Sénart, comme du bois flotté
10th May, 2012 10:26 (UTC)
So beautiful. :-)
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