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Almost summer status

We have had a better weather since a few days. Still fresh, lot of wind, but a nice blue sky. And sun! Maybe thanks to a lot of rain (!) and some very hot days in mid-April the garden is exploding now, very green. Here are shots of some of the roses blooming now. All of them are perfumed, from medium to very strong :o). I had them planted during Fall 2011, alas Paul couldn't enjoy them. I mostly chose English roses, modern hybrids, which are revival of “old roses”, but stronger and remontant (blooming for several months).

Climbing: ”Mme Alfred Carrière” (David Austin). It didn't bloom last year for its first season, but now it's growing well. Already 2 meters high, it should reach 6... Flesh coloured when in bud, turning a creamy white when opening.

“Mme Pierre Oger”. Described as “Silver Pink”.

“Pacific Dream”. Mauve with a golden heart.

“Blue For You” (David Austin).The colour is quite similar to the above, but here it's in shadow. A lot of buds on each stem. It was the first to bloom in this part of the garden. The little pink flowers at the bottom are heuchera, called in French Désespoir du peintre (”Painter's Despair”).

Top: “Elle” (one flower only, it's quite large); left: “Red Parfum”; right: “Wedgewood”.

“Penelope“ (David Austin). There's also many buds on each stem.

“Rose de Cornouailles” (Harkness).

“Old Blush China” (David Austin). It doesn't look great like that... Called “The last rose of the year”, it's been grown in China for over a millenium. It may bloom all around the year in mild countries... Actually it was the last one to bloom in winter, and it's been the first one to bloom this year :o)

“Susan William-Ellis” (David Austin).
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