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やった!!! YATTA!!!! J-One

What's J-ONE? A new TV channel in France...
J is for Japan, and ONE is for... +1. Meaning we're allowed to watch japanime eps 3 HOURS after Japanese audience, with French subtitles! A world first! Why here? Because we're right behind Japan for manga consumption :ob
Also concerts (j-pop and k-pop), interviews, docs, etc, etc.
First anime this evening, Naruto, no less. You know what? I'm happy!
As I'm currently deep in papers to answer more questions from my son-in-law about his father's legacy (for 19 months now and going on...) it's a good way “to let out the steam”.
Give me some yaoi or BL late in the evening and I'll be in heaven LOL


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4th Oct, 2013 21:18 (UTC)
Awesome! Wonder if we'll ever get anything like that here in the US.
31st Oct, 2013 17:54 (UTC)
After a little less than one month of te/asting, here's the news: anime are fine, especially Log Horizon, Outbreak Company, Tiger & Bunny, Hunter X Hunter, and of course Naruto... Some I find less interesting as Space Brothers, The Legend of Korra, Blue Dragon, and one whose I don't remember the title (idols girls wanting to become wrestling champs). The problem is, the schedule aren't really clear and there's a lot of re-airing, so you have to record a lot to watch some!
I haven't watched concerts because I have a lot of other channels with things I like (series, operas, other anime). And there's a very silly reality show (aren't they all???) called Shibuhara Girls—more idols in the making :o{
Docs about jp life are fine but of course, I frequently fall on re-airings. No details in the schedule either about them.

In the anime list, I forgot Arpeggio Of Blue Steel (good) and a basket series, Koroko's Basket I think, but I'm not in basket at all!

Edited at 2013-10-31 17:57 (UTC)
6th Oct, 2013 09:11 (UTC)
Lucky, I love anime and hardly to to see it. And rotten Foxtel is actually taking away our Sci-Fi channel so we won't even have that. *pout*
31st Oct, 2013 18:02 (UTC)
We still have SyFy, thanks God! all the more as they're going to air Continuum (teaser yet but not exact date). We'll have some Nick! And as they usually air 2 or more eps at a time, and in subtitled version, yeah!

We have good anime on Manga and Game One too (tonight for Halloween, 2 unaired OAV of Death Note, yummy...) I have the whole manga series, the complete anime box, and 2 novels. Love that series! Obata Takeshi is a great artist.

Okay, back to Canucks vs Detroit game of last night. Thanks for radio podcasts LOL
1st Nov, 2013 01:18 (UTC)
Oh Death Note, I do love it so much. I started a little backwards though. LOL I watched the two live action films first, then got the anime, then the manga. Obata Takeshi is a good artist.

I also love Cowboy Bebop as well. The music by Yoko Kanno is brilliant.

Enjoy the game. :-)
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