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Happy Birthday Pomponnet <3 <3 <3

It's my cat Pomponnet's birthday! He's 15 today.
I wish I could treat him with lot of chicken, beef, etc, but as he suffers kidneys insufficiency, very few meat for him.
Instead, as he likes yogourt, cream, and chocolate, he had... tiramisu. The creamy part only, I don't think the biscuit bathed in coffee and maraschino would be good LOL
Here he's on the table near the armchair where I use my 'puter. He has to grab on the table cloth as there's not a lot of room... For amateurs, the pink roses behind him are Brother Cadfael from the garden.
And funny thing, it's also my father's birthday (he would have been 93), and Gael's, my childhood friend's son.

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