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Khan Academy

A few days ago, I read in my newspaper about Khan Academy being available to French audience. Pupils, their parents, and why not? old ladies like myself :o)
I was always a dummy with maths, though I was following a science pathway. In those days (60s) in France you had the choice between Classic (Greek, Latine, litterature...), Maths (pure maths) and Sciences (almost as much maths, and all scientific fields). When I say you had, I mean parents had. We weren't really asked for our own choices...
When in Classic, you could always change for Maths, as it was a common matter. But in Maths or Sciences, you were cornered! And so I was stuck in Sciences. I started with good grades (my teacher, Rosette Lévy, was a former schoolmate of my Dad, and an excellent educator). Unfortunately, we soon had an awful monster of a teacher, bad memories for most of us, and I ended 6 years later with an amazing grade of 0.5 on 20...
So I decided to try my luck with Khan Academy's course in Algebra. But I took care of starting with the pre-Algebra course. Which proved to be an excellent idea, as some questions are presented in a flabbergasting (to me) way, when some others—like stem-and-leaves diagram—were invented many years after I finished my studies!!!


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15th Sep, 2014 23:19 (UTC)
Up to now, yes! It's challenging.
I don't know for other matters but for the course I'm following, you have to answer 5 questions in a row to go to the next round. If I don't know, or hesitate about the way to answer, I just watch the video of the course. The explanations are clear and easy to follow. On most questions you can use the screen as a notebook page to write or draw things with your mouse if you find it useful. It's really interactive.
I haven't created a special account, just used my Facebook account. It keeps my results and proposes the subjects and questions.
Only a part of the maths course has been translated yet, so certain questions or vids are in English, which isn't a problem really. In fact, it can teach me some new words LOL
16th Sep, 2014 07:13 (UTC)
Thanks for this link... I've been wanting to re-learn maths etc so I'm going to go through some as well.
22nd Sep, 2014 21:26 (UTC)
It really works... There are some bugs (very few till now), but you can report them. Sometimes the English/French mix is a little unsettling, especially as we use dot where you put comma, and vice-versa (in numbers). I was an air-head in class, Mom always reproached me for that; well, I still am! Reading too fast the questions, you know.
23rd Sep, 2014 16:25 (UTC)
I decided to go right back to basic Arithmetic. The biggest 'bug' was a whole section of questions on working out how much money you had from images of US coins! I had no idea what was a dime or a nickle and how much they were worth :) I had to Google images of US coins :)
24th Sep, 2014 16:46 (UTC)
LOL, I haven't met that problem yet. But sometimes the result, though exact, is weird, as the problem where a guy with a tiny monkey pet builds boxes for him to play. Volume? It's several hundreths of cubic meters... He should raise an elephant!
24th Sep, 2014 16:55 (UTC)
Haven't had a chance to look at it since last week - too tired and not enough time! Maybe next week I can battle on and pass Basic Arithmetic before trying something harder :D
16th Sep, 2014 07:20 (UTC)
I wish you Good Luck with your math problems.
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