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Khan Academy

A few days ago, I read in my newspaper about Khan Academy being available to French audience. Pupils, their parents, and why not? old ladies like myself :o)
I was always a dummy with maths, though I was following a science pathway. In those days (60s) in France you had the choice between Classic (Greek, Latine, litterature...), Maths (pure maths) and Sciences (almost as much maths, and all scientific fields). When I say you had, I mean parents had. We weren't really asked for our own choices...
When in Classic, you could always change for Maths, as it was a common matter. But in Maths or Sciences, you were cornered! And so I was stuck in Sciences. I started with good grades (my teacher, Rosette Lévy, was a former schoolmate of my Dad, and an excellent educator). Unfortunately, we soon had an awful monster of a teacher, bad memories for most of us, and I ended 6 years later with an amazing grade of 0.5 on 20...
So I decided to try my luck with Khan Academy's course in Algebra. But I took care of starting with the pre-Algebra course. Which proved to be an excellent idea, as some questions are presented in a flabbergasting (to me) way, when some others—like stem-and-leaves diagram—were invented many years after I finished my studies!!!
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