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I live in Mandres-les-Roses, a small village, 23km SE of Paris, less than 5000 inhabitants, rather politically timorous. But our mayor, at the request of several citizens, decided of a republican meeting at the “Ferme de Monsieur”, our City Hall, today at 3pm. I was there. I'm 64, and it was my first protest...!
There must have been a little more than 500 participants (Correction! 1,500!!!), lot of little posters, some flags, all ages, all colours, even pets wearing their own “Je suis Charlie”.
After a few words, a Marseillaise sung in unison, and one minute of applause (too difficult to be silent!), at general request the mayor improvised a short march along the two main streets. Back to the City Hall yard, children read in turns Paul Éluard's wonderful poem, “Liberté” (you can read a translation here), and a statement by Martin Luther King from when he was awarded Nobel Prize.
I took some photos with my phone, sorry for the low quality.






On the panel: “I'm Charlie. I'm a cop. I'm a Jew, a Muslim and a Catholic.”


A shot from TV (BFM info channel) after 4pm. It's the same march: simultaneous shots, there's a little more than 3km between République and Nation squares. And the angel on the left side isn't a statement, just a remnant from X-mas :o)


13th Jan, 2015 11:48 (UTC)
Re: anti charlie hebdo
The French translation means nothing but it's thank to Google I think; nevertheless I understand what you mean.

One of my grand fathers was a typographer in a newspaper so you can guess what he thought of freedom of speech. None had medals, they were just two average men caught in two World Wars.
I don't have a sister but anyway in my family, and more generally in my country, women are strong enough to defend themselves, they don't need some macho men to stand for them.

For the rest of your statement, I totally agree that violence everywhere is pure evil; as long as some people will be indoctrinated, brainwashed, sent to kill and be killed by "responsible" politicians, religious leaders and other Old Man of the Mountain to protect their assets and power w/o putting their own life on the line we'll see more tragedy.

People have to start thinking by themselves, not keep repeating predigested propaganda. That was Charlie's motto.
Thank you for expressing your opinion, I hope you'll be free to do so in the future wherever you live.

Edited at 2015-01-13 11:49 (UTC)
13th Jan, 2015 15:36 (UTC)
Re: anti charlie hebdo
Désolé, je ne sais pas le français, doivent communiquer à travers de traducteurs en ligne.
Mais voici les paroles de la présente français:

Prince d'Orléans - duc d'Anjou
9 января в 7:42 · отредактировано ·

Je vais aller à contre-courant de la bienséance émotionnelle en me dissociant du mouvement « Je suis Charlie ». Non, je ne suis pas Charlie parce que je n’ai jamais aimé ce journal manichéen.

Charlie Hebdo est un papier vulgaire, méprisant les opinions qui ne sont pas les siennes qui, sous couvert de la liberté d'expression, se permet toutes les provocations. Charlie Hebdo est un journal agressif qui exploite le filon de la haine des religions en passant soit-disant par l'humour. Charlie Hebdo est à l'image d'une certaine société athée européenne de gauche, un pourvoyeur de rancune et un ennemi du respect et de la fraternité entre les peuples et les hommes, quelles que soient leurs différences, leur race, leur couleur, leur religion.

Je refuse donc de prendre part à une « alliance sacrée républicaine » pro-Charlie parce que, tout simplement, je ne comprends pas ce que je dois défendre.

Je ne suis ni irrespectueux ni indécent et ne souhaite pas offenser la mémoire des crayonneurs abattus. Les mots manquent pour dire l'horreur de l'attaque qui a frappé la rédaction du journal. Je condamne cet acte de barbarie et présente aux familles et proches des défunts mes plus sincères condoléances.

Je dénonce juste la stérilité de la tentative d’union nationale et l’hypocrisie des citoyens qui n’ont jamais lu l’hebdomadaire humoristique et qui l’ont toujours critiqué.
Rendre hommage aux victimes, oui.
Rendre hommage à Charlie Hebdo, non.

14th Jan, 2015 18:14 (UTC)
Re: anti charlie hebdo
I understand Monsieur le Duc doesn't like a Republican alliance LOL.
In this week's “Le canard enchaîné” they quote their founder Maurice Maréchal (the satirical paper will be 100th years old in 2015):
“My first move, when I see something scandalous, is to be indignant; my second move is to laugh; it's harder but more efficient.”
Godwin point I think.
14th Jan, 2015 20:27 (UTC)
laughing out loud
Je habite en Russie et je ne comprends pas la politique intérieure de la France. Je ne me inquiète pas qui est M. le duc, est important pour moi que ce était un homme honnête. Je suis d'accord avec lui.


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