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"Saint-Germain ou la négociation" ( Verrat im Namen der Königin)

For Europeans receiving Arte franco-german channel:
I almost forgot, shame on me: on Arte, this afternoon at 15:50 CET (don't forget changing your clock...), you can watch "Saint-Germain ou la négociation". Whazzat? An excellent TV movie, about religious war in France (Catherine de Médicis' time), or how men of good will can be manipulated by the powers-to-be into leading to a war they want to avoid. Why do I recommend it to you? 'cause the project, adaptation and lines are by Alain Moreau, Paul's nephew. Great author for movie and TV.
It will be aired again Wednesday 30, at 1:20am.
Some explanation in German: http://www.arte-tv.com/de/woche/244,broadcastingNum=455086,day=2,week=13,year=2005.html
If you can watch it, don't miss. It's serious subject, and Alain introduces his own ideas about women's rights and children education, among else (he's a humanist if any).

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