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Photos from the garden

We're having a series of very beautiful days here; sunny, warm, and windy too. Some thunderstorm last night, good for watering the garden.
So here are the last botanical news LOL

I planted these aqualegias last year, following advice by... Aqualegia, of course:


Wild roses (or "dog roses"), first to blossom.

Wild roses

First iris of the year, Germanica sort, this one is silver-coloured.

Iris Germanica

We talked about lilacs, this one is in my neighbours' garden; on the right side you can see a part of our laurel tree (yest, it's huge).

White Lilac

And at last, a stem of Lily-of-the-Valley. Usually they never blossom "in time", for May 1st, but this year one of them made it!


I let you imagine the scent...


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3rd May, 2005 09:27 (UTC)
WOW! We have only some grass and budding trees. And wind and rain. :( I especially liked lily of the valley - just ADORE its aroma, it makes me dizzy.

PS: no DVD in my mailbox yet. :(
3rd May, 2005 10:39 (UTC)
Ouch. Raven just told me she received a CD copy I sent her at the same time... and she's in the USA. I already wrote to you, so I'm sure of the address, unless you moved since the last time?
3rd May, 2005 12:41 (UTC)
LOL, I haven't moved yet, I'm sure. I will just be waiting. Things sometimes get delayed. In the beginning of March I have received a birthday package from the USA, sent to me in the beginning of January...
3rd May, 2005 09:28 (UTC)
What a beautiful garden you have! Our lilies of the valley have sprouted and should be blooming in a few weeks. I have a lot and just love the smell. =>}

Right now, we have crocuses, Scylla and about six different kinds of daffodils. I love the Spring! =>}
3rd May, 2005 12:26 (UTC)
Love the shot of the lilac (as well as the roofs behind it.) One of the downsides to our perennially mild weather is that lilacs just don't do well here. Likewise fruits like apples and peaches. And lilacs are one of my favorite scents.

Thanks for these pics. It's great to see what people's gardens look like this time of year.
3rd May, 2005 23:16 (UTC)
Ahhhhh, beautiful!

I wonder if your dog roses are the same as our dogwoods? They look very much alike.
6th May, 2005 00:12 (UTC)
Very nice pictures. I've been taking some of my flowers with the new camera my husband bought me whilst the builders tear my kitchen apart. If the power stays on long enough today I'll try uploading a few :o)
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