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French Wedding

I know you, girls, you all want to know about the bride's dress !
Fox & Ratty were our reporters (I didn't take my camera, enough professionals there), but I'm afraid the pets were a little hypnotized by Nathalie's radiant beauty... Yet we have a sketch :

Nathalie, my hubby's grand-daughter married Arnaud in Paris

The ceremony at 5th arrondissement City Hall was simple and even a little un-ceremonious <g> but the place is beautiful. There was about a hundred guests...
Nathalie's dress was of simple white faille, with a whole cover of white tulle, and wonderful embroidered tulle sleeves. She hadn't a veil (no religious celebration) but she wore a long "shawl" of white tulle. Her long hair was hold in a simple pony-tail, freeing her long neck and pretty shoulders. Arnaud, her husband now, was in grey tail-coat, with a broad orange tie (and grey hat, of course).
Later we had cocktail at Salons du Quesnoy at Army Museum (Hôtel des Invalides) - see the photo here (http://www.invalides.org/pages/location.html). On the right side the doors open on two big reception rooms... I spend most of the afternoon with the Lyon side of the family, it's always a joy to meet them.
The weather was perfect, sun with some clouds, almost no wind, neither too hot nor too fresh.
Paul and I left around 3:30 pm to find a cab and be back to our "country".
There was a diner at evening in Café Carmen for party-goers...
A very pleasant day !

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