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I Have a Top in my Lap!

Well, I mean, I have a laptop, at last...

It's an Amilo M1405 by Fujitsu-Siemens ("Your fujitsu is quite good!") The widescreen looks like a 16/9 TV and is crystal clear. I already put Arachnophilia, Photoshop (classical, I prefer to work with this), Firefox and Norton.

It will be a plus to show my future "customers" a dynamic pressbook, and some webpages too.

Talking of that, I contacted the Musée du Compagnonnage (Handicraft Masters Museum) in Paris, and they seem very welcoming to the pooooor student I am. I'll go tomorrow afternoon. I hope the thunderstorm we just had will keep the atmosphere a little fresher, today it was unbearable (31° in the shadow).

By sheer curiosity, here's the site of the Museum which is in Tours.


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