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22 juin 2005 : Bon Anniversaire Nick Chéri!

 Happy Birthday Dear Nick! 

Happy Birthday Nick Lea
I just finished Smoke and Mirrors and I really enjoyed it. I begin to appreciate Tanya Huff's tongue-in-cheek style; and no way to mistake the identity of the costar of "Darkest Night" - some well-known series are quoted here <vbg>
I'm waiting for the next volume... as long as 'Lee Nicholas' is one of the heroes The Hero <drooling>.
OT, but not quite: whilst I was purchasing my laptop, I caught a known face on one of the tellies in demo. "Niiiiiiiiiiick!". My neighbour stared at me like he was going to strangle me, no kidding.
It was VL trailer... Just for me, I guess!

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