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Fox & Ratty cartoons : Luna Park #12

X-Files at Luna Park! It's the place, if any, to meet some...

Luna Park #12
The "Merman" is a hommage to "A Frish Called Krycek".
For those who don't know...
I was a fan of "Queer As Folk" (UK original version). Searching for more on the Net, I discovered slash. As I really enjoyed XF (generally speaking), I made a search, and found this story, which opened my "mind" <cough> to Krycek's erotic potential... And thus I became (deeply, waaaoooooh!) aware of Niiiick. And this is how things got started.
I'll never thank Bernice-Sarah Bellum enough for this priceless gift.
For those who think this fic is "too much" of an AU, it didn't disturb me at all, I've been a true SF fan and reader for long - to me it's a prodigy of imagination and coherence. I add I'm (or rather, was) a skin and scuba diver, and to me there's nothing above ocean (well, Nick is disputable... LOL)

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