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Completely OT: my commercial :0)

I used one of my exercises to create a web page to advertise for my "talents" as a (almost) pro webmaster... It's in French, but feel free to tell me of your opinion. Constructive critics are welcome (no kidding!) especially from people working under Mac or Linux, or using rare browsers. Tell me to of the screen resolution you've tested.
NB - Foxy's in it!
Kand OnLine


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23rd Jul, 2005 13:20 (UTC)
mac user:

Safari at 1024x768 rez. Looks good. The soft grays are easy on the eyes. Page collapsed as should as I increased and decreased by browser window. I am assuming the images in the middle strip are not linked up yet because I got no linkage to take me to your samples. Bottom samples worked tho'.

Not crazy about the little email icon, but that is a personal preference:)

24th Jul, 2005 07:12 (UTC)
No links on the middle picture, they're just illustrations. The e-mail animation I created for a Eudora tutorial (another exercise), and I agree it's not quite "in tune" with the rest of the page. I'll think of it! Thank you sweetie!
25th Jul, 2005 09:41 (UTC)
Safari, is it Mac system ? I'm working with Windows and I have no way to check the display of my pages under Mac...
23rd Jul, 2005 14:36 (UTC)

PC user, Mozilla at 800 x 600.

Wow, kaNd...your page is gorgeous! So professional. It downloaded quickly and smoothly even though I'm on the dreaded dial-up. *g* I love the soft greys too and all of the images are so crisp and clear. I loved seeing Foxy, lol. It's really a triumph, absolutely gorgeous. If I were looking for a web designer and I saw that page I'd hire you immediately!

I do agree with Wolfie though about the little e-mail me animation. It doesn't seem to really match the sophisticated, professional look of the rest of the page. It's cute but it's a little casual compared to the rest of it.

Congratulations on the new page! You did an outstanding job and I bet people will come flocking to you once they see it. :)

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