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Katarina Hurricane caused awful casualties in South USA as we know. I feel very sorry for all these poor people who lost everything. It's a human, financial and historical drama. La Nouvelle-Orléans is specially dear to us, French people.
I wish things can be rebuilt, but we're aware it will take a very long time.



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1st Sep, 2005 07:33 (UTC)
Very sad
It will be years before New Orleans will be back on its feet. And sadly, most of the historical sections are gone forever. There is a health crisis with the rotting bodies and sanitation issues. And think, when the waters recede, mold is the next opponent.
1st Sep, 2005 07:36 (UTC)
I find myself mourning New Orleans almost as if it was a person. It's one of the USA' picture cities, unique, old for a post colonial city in America, and rich in diverse culture.

I also mourn the poor of our gulf coast states. Some of the areas hit were impoverished. People who had little now have nothing except loss.

1st Sep, 2005 08:35 (UTC)
Well said. And a beautiful cartoon, kaNd. I know the pets are sad too.

I'm just shocked over the whole situation...we knew it would be bad but this, this has to be worse than anything in our history. I truly believe New Orleans will rebuild. But it's a race against the clock right now to save people's lives and I just hope they can be gotten to safety in time.
1st Sep, 2005 10:11 (UTC)
Beautifully done, kaNd!
1st Sep, 2005 10:21 (UTC)
beautiful tribute
1st Sep, 2005 12:18 (UTC)
Thank you for your tribute to New Orleans - Ratty as our jazz man and Foxy looking sad. The loss of so much of New Orleans is terrible. New Orleans is known around the world for culture, music and beauty. It will be months before we know the full extent of the damage. The number of people still waiting for rescue is enormous. Now, some idiot looters have shot at a rescue helicopter and rescue operations were halted temporarily - they may already have been restored. I can't imagine the damage done to animal habitats will ever be repaired. All I can do know is send money to aid agencies and pray for the survivors.
1st Sep, 2005 20:35 (UTC)
There's assholes everywhere... In South of France, a few weeks ago, a guy shot at a Canadair fighting the fires because the noise was a disturbance to his nap!
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