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Où suis-je ?

To the eternal questions, "Who am I, from where do I come, and where do I go?", French humorist Pierre Dac was used to answer, "Personally, I'm myself, I come from home, and I'm going back there."

Okay, all this to tell all my faithful fans and friends (generally the same!) that I'm here:
48°42'9" N by 2°32'41" E...
To see my house and gardens, look right in the middle of your screen. Hello, I'm here!.

Click "enter" on the explanations to get rid of them, I'm under the little white cross. Well, my roof is, on NE side you have "the yard", small garden on front, and on SW "the garden" on the backside. Here the limits of my domain...
Mandres-les-Roses, chez moi
The "big" white square place to the West is the city-hall, installed in "La Ferme de Monsieur", a historical monument. First castle was built circa 1075 but some English dudes burnt it to the ground in 1453. Ahem, Lynda, you're still working at Lloyds, right? Wait, I saw Burgundians among them. PAUL!!!!! ROTFLMAO

To make my position clearer, here's a wider map with Paris (France, not Texas):
De Paris à Mandres
My village is 23km from Paris center (cathedral Notre-Dame).

You need a Flash plug-in, easily downloaded by your browser.
Now, check the planet and look where you live! And tell us...

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