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DVDs & VCDs for exchange...

I built two new bookshelves to put my DVDs collection, and of course I found some doubles. Second-hand market, you know, should make a list LOL
Well, if you're interested, rather than offering them on eBay, I'd be glad to make exchange. There's X-Files, of course, and a few others.

X-Files DVD

Complete Season 5
Chinese edition
A simple cardboard box with 6 discs in plastic pockets.
Audio: English, French.
Subtitles: English, Spanish, Chinese.
6th disc is bonus. Among features is an interview of Nick (wearing his earring!)

UK edition
Audio: English.
Subtitles: French, Dutch, English.
Character profiles: Doggett.
PAL, zone 2.
Contains a collector card showing Doggett and Scully.
This was part of a "multi-pack" (The Truth). I don't know how comes I have two exemplars of this one!

Deadalive (2)
French edition.
Same technical details, but not bonus card.

X-Files VCD

I bought them from Malaysia before the DVDs were issued.

A single jewel-box, containing 2 discs, running 126'.
Includes: Biogenesis, The Sixth Extinction I, II and III.
Audio: English. No subtitles.

Season Five Collector's File (1)
A double jewel-box containing 3 discs, running 170'.
Include: All Souls, The Pine Bluff Variant, Folie à Deux, The End.
Audio: English. No subtitles.

Season Five Collector's File (2)
A double jewel-box containing 3 discs, running 170'.
Include: Patient X, The Red and The Black, Travelers, Mind's Eye.
Audio: English. No subtitles.

Non X-Files (there's a life out there, guys LOL)

Those are French edition DVDs I bought second-hand, still wrapped.

Psychose (Psycho) by Alfred Hitchcock
PAL, zone 2.
Audio: English, Spanish, French, Italian.
Subtitles: English, French, Greek.
Bonus: filmographies, trailer, production notes.

Nosferatu, by Murnau
PAL, zone 2.
Silent movie, fully restored.
Black & white version with French dialog panels, 60' at 24 pictures/second.
Tinted version with German dialog panels and French or English subtitles, 90' at 18 pictures/second (this is the normal rhythm, not "bouncing").
Bonus: historical files, Murnau's filmography.
It's a 'no-miss' for classical horror movie fans. This version is really excellent.

Le masque du démon, or La maschera del demonio, by Mario Bava
PAL, all zones.
Black & white, 87'.
Audio: French, English.
Subtitles: French.
Bonus: historical file, biography, filmography.

Phew, that's all. If you're interested, e-mail me. I'd accept lot of things in exchange... Chocolate <grin>, special stuff from your homeland, and other DVDs. I miss some... If you have doubles, or thing you want to get rid of, go on!


( 3 Mouthfuls — Munch On! )
11th Oct, 2005 21:18 (UTC)
Aw, man. Zone 2? ::cries::
12th Oct, 2005 07:12 (UTC)
Most Europeans DVD players are, ahem, cleverly de-zoned... And you can still play them on your computer, usually.
13th Oct, 2005 22:40 (UTC)
aw, man. I don't have a DVD drive.
( 3 Mouthfuls — Munch On! )


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