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Two afternoons in Paris

greentea's in Paris for a 10 days vacation! We took the opportunity to meet, of course.

First, Friday we went together to the new Cinémathèque. For those who remember the former one (hosted at Palais de Chaillot) the classical collections are far from complete (I miss Dr Caligari's Cabinet decors... You could walk one of the streets then.) But the presentation is finely done, with a lot of screenings, in a "dark room" atmosphere that's true to Henri Langlois' original inspiration.

We didn't watch a movie as intended because we wanted to visit too the Renoir exhibition. It's a success! They're confronting father and sons' works in a very beautiful manner. They borrowed famous Auguste Renoir's paintings from various museums and hung them close to screenings of Jean Renoir's movies with the same atmosphere, colours... Amazing! I especially loved the "Déjeuner des canotiers" beside an extract of Elena et les hommes with Ingrid Bergman and Mel Ferrer.

We met again yesterday (Sunday) for a lunch and some shopping in Marais, the gay district (it's one of the most ancient part of Paris, narrow streets, very old houses and lot of churches, pleasant gardens to rest...

We visited for a long time the bookshop Les mots à la bouche and I was happy to find Tom of Finland's comics in a beautiful cardboard package, and a soft cover edition of his works - plus a parody of Harry Potter :0) and the Penguin Gay Short Stories anthology. I eventually lured greentea in buying the big Tom of Finland book - she didn't know him and discovered his works with... pleasure LOL

We ended the day at the Amnesia Café, a gay coffee shop. There was only three women in there, both of us and the maid :0°

We had capuccini and hot chocolate whilst I was drawing some cartoons on the pad I thought of bringing... Just black & white versions I gave greentea, but I made the colourful versions back at home; so you'll have a pack of cartoons next days (nb, changed paper for a good watercolour one, see the difference!)

I didn't write in my LJ for a good time since I'm rebuilding "Fox & Ratty" site. As soon as I'm done with my descriptions and keywords I'll put it on line and give you the new addy.

When greentea told me she wanted to visit some gay bars, I wondered if we would be welcome, ahem... and this idea came to me. In fact nobody cared about us at Amnesia café, for we left before 7pm. The place was becoming more crowded, the music louder, and the light... darker. Very sympathetic place and so comfortable.

Totally OT: I watched (at last!) "Pirates of the Caribeans", OMG! I didn't know there was such a fantastic part in the story. I really, really loooooved it! Coming soon too, I'm sure, Fox & Ratty in the Caribeans... Guess who's Captain Hook? ROTFLMAO

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