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Warming Ratty

The plumber came yesterday and he staid I don't know how many long - the heater is in a small building outside in the garden (it was a one-horse stable centuries ago). Well, now we're warm and the water too... And Ratty is slowly returning to his true colours.

Fox mixed a cocktail of his own but his culinary experiments can be a little hazardous... to Ratty's sense of humour.
This one isn't a new cartoon (Nov. 2002) and my "old" fans already know it. But you can share a drink, right ?

Chameleon Cocktail


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19th Oct, 2004 05:07 (UTC)
You know, I just *thought* of you and here you are, with a new pic to spill me my drink of water over the keyboard! The guys at work just looked at me and asked what was the matter with me.

I sincerely applaud your funnies! Even though Foxy almost always looks like a little...weak in the head.

Did you get my email yetserday?
19th Oct, 2004 09:19 (UTC)
Yes, my dear Griva, I found your mail last night, around 2am, right before I went to bed... Having worked for more than three hours for nothing, I had misread the text of an exercise, grrrr ! Your text is on my PDA, so I'll read it quietly . Thanks a thousand times !
And no, Fox can be clever, *sometimes*. I wonder if he doesn't play it stupid just to please Ratty who's rather touchy and with a superiority complex, you know...
19th Oct, 2004 07:06 (UTC)
Chameleon cocktail - LOL! I could really use such a thing sometimes... maybe I should try to bribe Fox for the recipe ;)
And my God... you and the plumbings! It's at fault again, poor you, hope it'll be okay sooner than later this time...
19th Oct, 2004 09:20 (UTC)
Hi, Scoutie !
The plumbing is okay now, thank you !
And, tell... How was your exam ? We want to know ! Please !
19th Oct, 2004 11:40 (UTC)
Phew! I'm glad to hear you got hot water again... taking a cold shower's awful... well, maybe having a warm Fox afterwards on a rug in front of a log fire could make up for it...
I'm glad to tell that the exam went great :) I was afraid I hadn't been able to study enough... anyway, thanks so much for your cheering up post at my blog! :D
Btw, I'm so happy when I realized/remembered you're into anime too - Yay! We must talk about this later on :)
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