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Fox & Ratty cartoon of the day: Fightbed

I haven't read yet the story greentea09 told me about, but here's the cartoon I made following her info... And it's for griva_x too who asks for more "non work-safe" pics!



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29th Oct, 2005 08:06 (UTC)
I can't wait to read this story if this is the subject! I love fighting over Fluffy!
29th Oct, 2005 09:07 (UTC)
Re: Oh!
That chapter of my story is still in the making, I'm afraid... But the bed fight scene was inspired a little by the below scene from Mohairbear's "Home Alone":


"Three evenings and nights of blessed silence. Evenings with a *book*. Sleeping without freezing feet at my legs or elbows in my ribs. I should be glad.//
He really should. Waking up without having his arm choked to death by a heavy warm body at his side. Without strands of dark silky hair in his mouth or drool all over his chest hair from somebody who had happily used him as a pillow for the night, while the other somebody had tangled his legs so tightly into his own that the Gordian Knot was a joke compared to it.

The bed had simply been too empty, too silent. No one take into his arms or to snuggle up to. No gentle snoring sounds in his ear, no sleepy murmurs, no unwilling mutters when one of them pulled a hurting arm or leg from under the body next to him. No contented sighs when one had found a new snuggling position against another.
No gentle squeezes, strokes or kisses, bubbling up from the deep blue sea of sleep; caresses that were not given or received consciously, but had built a warm and secure cocoon of love and affection around them in which they slept safely"
29th Oct, 2005 09:09 (UTC)
Re: Oh!
I have the Le Non-Dit stories waiting for me. Those will be next week when I get back to work, since the two stacks I printed are there. Unless you have a website...
29th Oct, 2005 09:38 (UTC)
Re: Oh!
I can email them to you, if you want. They're nowhere on the web, just posted in the yahoo lists...

I think my new story is a bit better, though. The first chapter is just now finished. I could send it to you, if you want (though the bed fight is in the second chapter, unfinished). I'd welcome the comments of a writer I admire so much as you, prior to posting it...
29th Oct, 2005 09:44 (UTC)
Re: Oh!
If you like, you can send it, but hey, I can wait for the bed fight! Hee!
29th Oct, 2005 08:59 (UTC)
So wonderful !!!!!!! I knew when I saw it in color it'd be amazing! Fluffy scrunched in the middle is just awesome! And the plug, LOL And the balls seen from behind!

(I tried to email you the story and my own story inspired on this scene and some photos of you and I in Paris, but I don't have your email addy anymore, that's why I asked you for it yesterday. I also have a few stories to send you links of that have beautiful funny descriptions that I thought might be good inspiration for your illustrations)

29th Oct, 2005 12:30 (UTC)
Heh. How about more *Ratty is the Tom of Finland's impersonalisation* no-work safe cartoons? ;P If seriously, it's hard to imagine that Fluffy would be tolarating such handling ;)

PS: I've bookmarked your new F&R page. ;)
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