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Mon grain de sel (aka, my two pence)

Paris has been a little quieter last night but not province. They burned again buses, schools, an apprentice center, day-nurseries... Very stupid!
The Emergency state decided by government doesn't seem a relevant solution to me. It has been used only in war time or military putsch threat. Even in May '68 it wasn't used...
The only good new, and it's an excellent one in my view, as long as it's not just words, is to allow children to become apprentices from 14, instead of 16. For at least 30 or 40 years, every professional has going on claiming 16 was too old to start learning a technical job, due to teenagers' new maturity. It's not like completely leaving school, kids are working half the time with a boss, and half at technical school where they learn both specialized and general matters. 14 is a good age to discover "real life", socialization, and to do something useful both for oneself and others. And if the choice of a job is wrong they still have time to change their mind.
I don't want to sound too much of an old'timer but at 16, it's a little late to teach kids obeying and listening to adults when parents have let things go havoc.
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