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Fox & Ratty Calendars for 2006 are ready!

Sorry for being off the scene for a few days but I was busy finishing the 2006 Fox & Ratty (and Fluffy) calendar.

As you will see, the pets are visiting Great Wall of China, Giza Plateau, Delphi site, Easter Island, Sacré-Coeur in Paris, Stanley Park in Vancouver, San Francisco Golden Gate, The Tower in London, a Peruvian market, banks of River Ganges in Varanasi (Benares), Church of the Spilled Blood in St-Petersburg and... Santa Claus' cabin in Lapland.

The calendar comes in two formats:

- the desk one, like last year (15 euros + shipping); 10.5 x 24cm, pictures are 8 x 12cm which you'll find perhaps a little small for this year there's a LOT of details on each of them!
Cover, desk calendar
- the wall version (20 euros + shipping); 21x28cm (42cm high unfolded) where pictures will be only slightly reduced. Here's an example:
Wall calendar, March
Nota: the calendar is printed in French, but I made two versions for the cover and some cartoons with lines, so you can choose, English or French...

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