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Happy Birthday, Greentea!!!!

My dear greentea,

I wish you a very Happy Birthday! And the pets are greeting you too...
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Happy Birthday


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6th Jan, 2006 09:56 (UTC)
The best part...
Are the "Fluffy" slippers! Happy birfday, Tea!
6th Jan, 2006 10:24 (UTC)
Re: The best part...
Yes, they are! Remember, they used a tiny bit of DNA to generate them... Payback was a bitch, of course, Fluffy used both of them as slippers... A slashy cartoon, that one.
6th Jan, 2006 16:22 (UTC)
Re: The best part...
Thank you, Amazon !!!!!!! I agree with you about the slippers!
6th Jan, 2006 10:34 (UTC)
Happy Birthday, Greentea!
6th Jan, 2006 16:23 (UTC)
Thank you, Biani !!! And thank you also for the warm home for my stories in your wonderful site !!!!!
6th Jan, 2006 10:46 (UTC)
OMG!!! How adorable! Love the Fluffy slippers!!! ROFLMAO! And no bath without a rubber ducky! I'm so glad the pets are enjoying a nice relaxing soak! Bet they're doing naughty stuff underneath the bubbles... *bg*
6th Jan, 2006 10:51 (UTC)
I have no rubber ducky, sob. But I have a tiny lavender shark, with a little mechanism to make it swim in the bath LOL
6th Jan, 2006 16:30 (UTC)
Awww Kand, it's so sweet !!!!!
Kand, the cartoon is so sweet !!!!

I'm so moved! It's one of the best birthday presents I ever got, truly. Just melting here. I think I'll be looking at it until my next birthday !!!!!!!

Thank you so much, you really made my (birth)day !!!!!

The slippers are just awesome! And the shower cap! And Ratty holding the duck, and the drop of water from his hair... I loved the colors of the towels too, and the texture is so well done! And I love Ratty's look of sensual pleasure.


You know, I do have big tea bags of Bvlgary Green tea scented bath stuff! From now, I'll be taking my bath with Ratty and Foxy! :-)

Will you snail mail it to me?
7th Jan, 2006 05:39 (UTC)
Re: Awww Kand, it's so sweet !!!!!
Of course, sweetie, as soon as I have your snail addy... You know I have a LOT of stuff to send to you! Just waiting for you finishing moving =^o^=
And I thought the rubber ducky would remind you of the naughty one we saw in this shop in the Marais (http://www.pimentrose.biz/Boutique/Produits.asp?Vibro=&Pro=CanardSM) ROTFLMAO
7th Jan, 2006 06:49 (UTC)
Re: Awww Kand, it's so sweet !!!!!
LOL! Did we see that duck? Where? I don't remember it, it's awesome!
7th Jan, 2006 07:12 (UTC)
Re: Awww Kand, it's so sweet !!!!!
Yes we did! In the sex-shop, next to "Les mots à la bouche"... We just did pay a short visit, we were broke LOL, and our "Tom Of Finland" books kept ringing when we entered and leave... but nobody cared!
OT, I have some other movies to copy for you, what would you say about "French Cancan" by Renoir? French and no subtitles, but the digital quality's there.
9th Jan, 2006 03:32 (UTC)
Happy Birthday you little cutie! Kand has given you the perfect cartoon. Now you need one like her Christmas card; Foxy, Ratty and Fluffy in the tub with your photograph as part of image (teehee). Wishing you a year of slashy goodness! ((((Big Birthday hug))))
9th Jan, 2006 08:12 (UTC)
Thank you, Vesta!!!!!!

Wishing you a wonderful year too!!!

9th Jan, 2006 20:12 (UTC)
Happy Birthday Greentea! Hope I'm not too late to wish you a wonderful day!
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