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I need constructive critics

Whilst I'm at it...

You can have a look at my present web project (it's for my 1st level in webdesign).
I don't ask you to comment on the text (it's in French, of course) but can you tell me if you find the navigation easy ? Can you find the different versions of the pictures (some are on popups, some in iframe) ?
Do the pages display correctly in your browser (and which OS are you working under ?)
It's made for 800x640 definition, but must be correct with higher definition too. And it's changing all the time, as I'm correcting again and again (it's version 8 right now).
It's about optical illusions :

Thanks for your help...


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17th Sep, 2004 11:00 (UTC)
The site seems easy enough to navigate, though I guess I could give you a better idea if I could understand the text too, I can only understand a little bit of it. But, my OS is Windows 2000, and my browser IE, and I have a higher definition than 800x640, and everything displayed just fine for me. I could see all the pictures I clicked on, both the pop-ups and the iframe ones. Some of them made me dizzy, though! LOL. Especially the background.

And oh, I didn't go through all the pictures there -- lots of them! -- but I couldn't find any by Escher. You don't have any of his? I just think that a site about optical illusions should have at least a mention of his work. :-)

Good luck with your project. Hugs!
17th Sep, 2004 13:31 (UTC)
Escher figures
Escher is mentionned on the "Impossible Figures" page, with a link towards his official site. As a pseudo-professional site, it can use only pictures whose copyright I own - either I made them, which is mostly the case, or they're use-free because the edition I own is more than 75 years old (and the authors have been dead at least for the same). Dito for the texts; there's only very short quotations, and some my sanskrit teacher wrote and allowed me to use...
Thanks a lot for looking at my personal Lumpy :0)
17th Sep, 2004 11:08 (UTC)
BTW, I love the site's name. ;-)
17th Sep, 2004 13:34 (UTC)
Re : Thanks for your help...
Why am I not surprised ?? At the beginning there was a link towards "The Impossible Elephant" production site, but it disappeared from the web. I had to find another one, equally official, as linking to a non-authorized site is forbidden... And with new laws about Internet, it's not going to be easier, alas.
17th Sep, 2004 12:24 (UTC)
Looks very good. Easily navigated, and like the fact that new windows pop up, so I don't need to use the back-button all the time. I don't understand much French, so I can't comment about that, but otherwise, very good work! :)
17th Sep, 2004 13:37 (UTC)
Re : Thanks for your help...
Thank you Scoutie ! Glad you love it... I'm not sure everybody can open popups, because of softwares blocking them, yet as long as they're not loaded at the same time than the page, it should work.
17th Sep, 2004 13:52 (UTC)
Re: Re : Thanks for your help...
I like "impossible illusions" and other kind of illusions... like 3D ones.
Forgot in my last comment... OS's Windows 98, and I run IE. Some of the links took a little time to load... but on the other hand, I have quite a fast connection, but a crappy computer, so it might depend on that.
BTW, did you dream about the Nick-park yesterday? Fun idea from our Dani :)
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