kanld (kanld) wrote,


I'll make a full account tomorrow, I think. The audio record went okay.

1- HE LIVES! A little booboo, that's all :o)
2- He's in about 2/3 of the movie. He really takes part in the investigation and action.
3- Great close-ups!
4- Eagle-eye and clean-shaven: I mean, no glasses, no moustache, no goatie... Dark side-burn, a wedding ring, so damn good-looking! Slimmer than in "Deadly Isolation" but it was shot before, right? Hmmmmmm, good to eat.
5- More images than lines, yet he got some. They will be saved as .mp3.
6- He gets some sweet moments (diner with his colleagues). Lot of white shirt, in sleeves.

Beside, great sights of Vancouver in the role of Seattle...

Whole feeling: the plot is clever enough, I didn't guess the real perp before they told me! Makes you think of "Usual Suspect" or "The Third Man", in a way. Lot of action and philosophical thoughts too. Ryan Philippe (Shane Dekker, the young detective) is excellent.

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