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You Know You're Reading A Kand Story When...

Let's give it a try...
1- There's Alex inside. Or Krycek. Or Arntzen. Or Alex.
2- It's always NC-17 and porn scenes are very graphically depicted.
3- Sometimes the hero gets killed but there's always a thing with space-time continuum or hallucination or magic or else, well, eventually he's not (unless it's the End of the World.)
4- Alex and Fox love each other. Or Alex is in love with Fox, or Fox is in love with Alex.
5- Mulder's fridge has been elected by the Hammer House of Horrors but Alex cooks, very finely.
6- There's nobody (sexually) coming between Alex and Fox, unless I really-really need a threesome. Then it would be Skinner but no topping here.
7- There's a lot of comas, un-useful in English, but common in French for breathing (how do you think we learn to kiss that well?)
8- French words are correctly spelled - it's not always so for English, though.
9- Mulder can spend hours just watching, admiring, touching, exploring Alex - and telling of what he sees and how much it's amazing, maddening, breath-taking, oh-my-god.
10- Stories frequently end on a cliffhanger and I'm usually to lazy to rescue the boy(s) in a sequel.

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