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Pink Night Out

Fox and Ratty are a little tired today... Me too ! We had a hard night.
Okay, it's non-work safe, though it's really mild :0)

Pink TV Opening Night

For those who weren't listening a few days ago, Pink TV is the first gay-friendly channel in France, and only the 3rd one in the world...


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26th Oct, 2004 09:14 (UTC)
Oh, I *envy* Foxy because he could watch the opening night and ...err...enjoy the benefit of Ratty making it more fun for him! ;)))

Thanks you, Kand! This day was a little upsetting, and you made me smile again!
26th Oct, 2004 09:40 (UTC)
Is that a blush on Ratty's face?:)
Poor Foxy...(Why do I say that nearly every time I see your cartoons?) *big grin*
They showed a report about the new Pink TV here in Germany too and I immediately wished for something like that here too...their program sounds so promising (also for non-gays)...*sigh*

26th Oct, 2004 09:50 (UTC)
Not "shame" blushing, just exhaustion. We had a really good porn at 00:15 am (Out Of Athens, part one, the second is tonight). And the programs are really excellent. Tonight, prime-time, there's "Platée" opera by Rameau, in a wonderful realization. I'm going to tape it with the greatest pleasure. There will be good movies, fab series (the US Queer as Folk, French and Saunders...), more opera, theater... We're spoiled ! And it's only 9 euros a month (about 10 US$).
26th Oct, 2004 10:20 (UTC)
Must agree here with Dani. Pink TV is in all our media atm. I think I´d subscribe too if I´d have such a channel. I envy you, Kandi!!! Btw, our chat was hacked yesterday and we had to stop. I just hope that the international chat on Thursday will be devoid of these idiots. These morons were quite bothersome, I tell ya... After having missed the last couple of chats I´ll be there for sure, I swear :-)

Have you heard the news? What do you think about Nick as a Gemini nominee? Please let him win!!!
27th Oct, 2004 04:01 (UTC)
Hacked chat ? Yerk !!!
In case this happens next Thursday, we could close it and open a new one under another name. What about : geminick ?
And yes, I read the news, and updated immediately Nick_Lea.fr...
27th Oct, 2004 04:19 (UTC)
No, that doesn´t work. We were hopping between RatZchatZ, the German chat, and Ratchat and they were everywhere. I almost think they hacked the whole platform. The only thing I can think of might be that we do the chat on MSN, but that requires that everyone has it downloaded and opened an account. Nicholas and I are both logged in and we suggested it already to Heike and Supermousi. But let´s see what happens tomorrow, maybe Mirc/Galaxynet has been fixed until then.
28th Oct, 2004 04:15 (UTC)
Aaaargh. I have a MSN alias, but I never succeeded in connecting ! I keep receiving this Error 0.00 (that's Microsoft clear explanation !) So let's hope our chat won't be spoiled tonight... Can one "chat" with several persons using ICQ ? This connexion is okay, but I never tried anything else than one-to-one connection and file transfer.
28th Oct, 2004 04:29 (UTC)
As far as I know ICQ allows only 2 people to talk to each other, so that this option doesn´t work for us. I propose we log in tonight and see what happens. Maybe it was just a one-time thingie with these morons on Monday. Nicholas just emailed me and it looks like he wants to attend too, our little student :-)
28th Oct, 2004 16:07 (UTC)
I joined the chat very late tonight - I opened one, but nobody came ? then SuperMousie sent a mail asking me to join, and apparently my connection (though it was galaxy) had opened a separated channel. Weird...
About these "morons", we had too a bunch of them coming ang going (only one, in fact, nickname and IP varied, but the message was the same). Now that the chat is finished, I re-opened it, and made some tests : I let come some intruders, then using the "channel manager", I checked the "moderated" box. For half an hour now, I saw nobody unexpected.
And sh...t ! Somebody came right now ! I wonder if we shouldn't use the box "invite only" ? I searched mIRC site, there's nothing about this kind of problem.
26th Oct, 2004 17:51 (UTC)
Ah, the fucked-stupid look on Foxy is a sight to behold... thanks, KaNd! *g*

And I'm sooo envious of you guys having a channel like Pink TV! *pout*
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