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High Technology

Warning ! Do not open at work...

And if you're underage, SHOOO ! I *do* mean it.

Cautions for use

To read carefully

- Do not open at work. Okay, I said so already, but if you do nevertheless, you'd better prepare a good explanation.
- Please take away (far !) from your keyboard everything that can be hazardous to its health if spilled over: hot coffee, cold soda, lukewarm pizza, and Chinese left-over.
- DO NOT TRY TO MIMIC FOX !. And if you really want to, please check compatibility of your electric supply.
- In case of misuse of the device, the author accepts no responsibility. (Especially with the auto-strangling collar.) (Okay, other items aren't safe either.)

So... ready ?

Welcome to the world of high technology. Aaaaargh.
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