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An e-mail from coach Foxy in Torino...

I wasn't quite happy with the shot I took of Ratty during the halfpipe snowboard competition, and right, I received an official e-mail through Royal Krycekian Council Presidency...

Principality of Krycekia
One Rat To Rule Them All
Royal Council Presidency

Dear Correspondent,

I'm sorry to tell His Rattyness was disappointed with the way you treated His excellent performance in the halfpipe snowboard competition.

We accredited you as sole and only correspondent, due to your services as official portraitist to the Court of Krycekia, but this shot didn't pay tribute to our Olympic team. His Rattyness was almost un-recognizable on this photo, and myself didn't not show at my best... Only M. Ethan McKaye, cousin to His Rattyness and His personal coach was well portrayed.

I suggested to His Rattyness to withdraw your accreditation but He answered, I quote, "We'll give her another chance, but next time, I'll withdraw *her*."

May I advise you to be wiser in your treatment of the freestyle snowboard competition in which His Rattyness will, no doubt, gives another great performance.

Truly your's,
Foxy M.
Royal Council President

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