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A mail from Royal Krycekian Bureaucracy Minister for Mrs UrsulaX

Krycekian government has been really busy last 24 hours. Mr Fluffy, from the Bureaucracy Minister, wished to thank Mrs ursula4x for her very kind mail.

Principality of Krycekia
One Rat To Rule Them All
Bureaucraty Ministry

Immigration Section

Dear Ursula,

His Rattyness and myself were deeply touched by your dedication to Principality of Krycekia.

The informations you gave are pretty accurate and I'll be happy to add some which can prove useful.

The Krycekian currency is the Kickass which is brought into alignment with Canadian dollar. Nevertheless we accept all currencies; you may deposit any amount, without limit, at the Royal Krycekian Bank.

The official religion is indeed Holy Nick Worship but it is not mandatory to be a believer to be granted Krycekian nationality. Dayly airings of Holy Nick's works on RKTV are usually sufficient to convince atheists.

There is no military duties as the Principality doesn't maintain an army. Our foreign politics is based on two principles: "Why fight them if you can blackmail them?" and "The first to betray is the last to be surprised" - which never failed to solve any problems till today.

Instead, every citizen, without regard of his/her/it sex and proclivities, can be requested to His Rattyness' harem. In actual practice, due to the plethora of volunteers, we only accept nowadays candidates with very special skills or unbridled imagination.

There is no Police or Law Enforcement in Krycekia - all Security matters are in the hand of the RKBO (Royal Krycekian Black Ops) under the direct supervision of His Rattyness; the subject is not open to discussion.

About fiscal obligation, regular income's taxation rate is 50% ("fifty-fifty" rule); illegal income's is 0,5%, in order to encourage free enterprise, which His Rattyness is a fervent supporter of.

I'll conclude saying you're warmly welcome to visit Krycekia, one of the most unheard of and quiet countries in the Universe - and probably the only one where you can meet a wide range of aliens. Intergalactic business is our first source of income.

Truly your's,
Fluffy S.
Bureaucracy Minister
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