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About Ricky Caruso

I made some screen and sound captures from "In The Best Families", 1st ep of The Commish with Nick-inside, and in his last scene (with Scali in the locker room) I just realized he's wearing his earring.
So he has had his ear pierced at least since 1991...

Commish 1x01 - Earring
And three more because I can't resist...
Commish 1x01 - Scolded
Commish 1x01 - Challenging
Here he looks like a Krycek-in-the-making!
Commish 1x01 - Rebellious
I really wonder why we can't get tired of this guy...?


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26th Feb, 2006 18:10 (UTC)
Thanks for these, kaNd. I've never seen The Commish. Interesting that the earring shows up in the first pic but is absent from the rest. Different takes, obviously.
27th Feb, 2006 06:48 (UTC)
No, I think it's logical: when Ricky wears the uniform he takes his earring off. He puts it again when in casual. In all the locker room scene you can see it, more or less clearly.
26th Feb, 2006 18:31 (UTC)

These are gorgeous, thanks for posting. I just love his neck and that earring...and you're right he does look like a younger Krycek. Hee!
26th Feb, 2006 19:15 (UTC)
The guy was in a band for years and raised hell in high school. I'm sure he's hand his ear pierced a long time.
27th Feb, 2006 04:33 (UTC)
Re: Well...

It's...fantastic! Damn I want one!
Sorry, a v v bad fangirling moment...but really, it's a great icon, and I think brilliant for the choice of 'the pose'..would you mind if I try to make a different one/ones (different color and pose), but still a recognisable 'Krycek pose'?

*stares at icon some more*
it's just brilliant :D
27th Feb, 2006 04:46 (UTC)
Re: Well...
You can make any one you want, you just can't have these. I've already fought about them. Laura made this and iRat for me, since I've actually had an ipod for like 3 years now. But if you wanna do another pose, why should I argue?
27th Feb, 2006 05:08 (UTC)
Re: Well...
You sure? (and of course that one is yours :D and of course someone has tought of 'iRat' already, damn :)

Really, I am asking because I like to make sure that you don't mind at all, not even my using other poses - it's such a specific thing, an icon like this (in my rp community we've done iPods icons for our pups/characters around last year, I think, and there was a Krycek-character one, too, but yours is really distinctive).

the post is here:

and you can see one (for my pup) here:

Won't be upset or anything if you said, 'I'd rather you wouldn't', honest - I DO understand completely, and you'd be loved anyway :)
27th Feb, 2006 05:21 (UTC)
Re: Well...
I think I'd like to see an iKrycek of something from Paper Clip. Why shouldn't you do one? I don't hold the patent on it. Hell, I didn't even make it. Now, yes, the red and the pose, those are mine. But if you have the ability and talent to make one, why should I stand in your way!
27th Feb, 2006 05:22 (UTC)
Re: Well...
I'll see what I can do, then :D
thank you! *hugs*

And please do pass along my compliment for the icon to the icon-maker, it's really really good :)
27th Feb, 2006 06:57 (UTC)
Re: Well...
The rock band is a plausible clue, for sure. And what about the Navy? Some say he was in for 2 months, some for 2 years. I found the diary of a Canadian Navy veteran who said himself was made an able-seaman after two years. So? I like to fantasize Nick was in for the longer time, crossed the line, and had his ear pierced then :o)
27th Feb, 2006 07:02 (UTC)
Re: Well...
I'm sure he pierced it after he left the Navy. If my sources are correct, he was a cadet for 2 years. Hard life to live in the military, poor baby!
26th Feb, 2006 20:29 (UTC)
MY Ricky!
But I share.
27th Feb, 2006 01:56 (UTC)
He's such a bad, bad boy. Hee!
27th Feb, 2006 04:34 (UTC)
Thank you for these :)
I used to watch the Commish many years ago, I always liked that series (and to see The Commish turning into The Shield, wow, talk about getting better with age, LOL)...and Nick was a lovely Baby!Nick then :D
27th Feb, 2006 07:00 (UTC)
... even if he's one year older than Chiklis LOL. He still looks the younger one from far!
27th Feb, 2006 10:09 (UTC)
Nahhhh! Really??? LOL

I adore Chiklis, I confess...but Nick beats him and still looks younger, LOL
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