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"I'm a new AI"

... says my computer, as it comes back from my neighbour's, Jean-Pierre. There was *only* two viruses and a Trojan ! And JP had a hard job to clean it, hours of work, but he succeeded. God Bless Him !
The video player is working perfectly now (it never did before) and I immediately made a Nick capture in "Piper-Maru", as it's one of the episodes airing on Halloween on French TV - excellent idea <vbg>
I used it as a Halloween Greetings on my "news" page of Nick_Lea.fr at
http://cmarillier.free.fr/nicklea/actu.html ...


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30th Oct, 2004 01:01 (UTC)
OTT: I downloaded the chat program and it seems to work. Only the timezone here is CET+2 hrs, so last Thursday I was asleep before 11 pm. But I'd join you folks some other Thursday, no doubt! ;)
30th Oct, 2004 03:35 (UTC)
I had problems myself, I opened the chatroom and nobody came ! Whilst SuperMousie and Nicholas were waiting in another chatroom with this very same name ! That's spooky. I succeeded in joining later, but we were disturbed by hackers - if you can tell them so - who seem to have a program allowing them to arrive, leave a message then vanish. Nothing dangerous, I suppose, but it's disturbing. I hope mIrc is going to do something about that... There was nothing on the home site when I looked.
30th Oct, 2004 03:44 (UTC)
Btw, Dani, Supermousi, Nicholas and I have all MSN Messenger accounts now in case the next Mirc chat will be spoiled again. The Messenger is really nice to work with, the only difference is that you have to be invited into a chat. But otoh, everyone has a contact list and when some of your contacts are logging in you get a little message and can invite them. The outfit is actually much nicer than with Mirc and you can play with userpics, emoticons and stuff. Last evening I was chatting with Rachelle and she said she might join us someday too :-).
30th Oct, 2004 04:15 (UTC)
BTW, the mention of MSN deserves attention. I chat sometimes with the MSN help and it's fun and easy and use immediately who's on line and stuff. Though I haven't before with multiple persons.
30th Oct, 2004 04:52 (UTC)
Yes, you can easily invite people to your chat, but then I am still new to that messenger and need to learn more about its features. I just think it might be a good alternative in case Mirc is fu**ed up for good. I also think that we could have more sudden unscheduled chats the more of us are signed in with the messenger. Maybe I should make that a topic on my LJ...

Btw, I am adding you again if this is okay with you.
30th Oct, 2004 05:09 (UTC)
When my hubby saw I installed this Mirc he rolled his eyes and said: "Hey, this is a program for silly teens to chat". Anyway, the means (the program) are not important, and I personally will try to get conencted when or to where you decide. But this is worth discussing with all the willing participants, like on you LJ.

I don't mind you adding me on again. I never took you off. Let bygones be bygones, as a proverb goes.
30th Oct, 2004 07:05 (UTC)
It is *much* better for chatting than mirc is. But then, I have been using primarily MSN Messenger for a few years now. It's very comfortable, Of course it's Microsoft... *sigh*...but usually there's no way around them when you are looking for comfortable, user-friendly software. Multiple user feature is nicely, although I can't remember what the limit is, and I think there is one.

30th Oct, 2004 07:44 (UTC)
Hmm, I´ve just skimmed through the MSN help, but there is no entry for inviting people. I guess we will find out one way or the other...
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