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I had a dream...

... of Nick. That's why I want to share :o)

First I found a weekly magazine (French) with a big article about his new series and a lot of gorgeous photos of HIM! I wanted to go back to the bookshop to see if there was anything else in other magazines, but of course many events occured, keeping me from reaching my goal, dammit.

Then I received an invitation for the premiere that was taking place in a Paris theater; an invitation from Nick! Don't ask how he knows my snail addy, it's on the mail when I write to him, right? I phoned the lady in charge to know how to dress (I'm not used to this kind of thing at all), went to my hairdresser, asked her to stick fake nails on mine because I eat them <the things a woman is thinking of when dreaming! I just forgot about my weight, I guess in my dreams I'm a slender mermaid...>

So I met Him! OMG! And I didn't swoon, nope. Nick told me he had invited me because he wanted to talk about my cartoons. My heart sank and I said, "You're not happy with them, well, I won't draw them any more." But not at all! He found them so funny, he wanted to congratulate me! <We were talking in French which is surprising as some times I dream in English and could have done so, in the light of events>

Then I saw the first episode. It was Whistler but had nothing to see with the original plot. The characters were attending an upper party given by some kind of smart crook who made money inviting people for a faked thing with vampires. He didn't care, his real purpose was to wake up Baal of whom he was a firm believer. Nick (I mean, his character) was there as a simple spectator, but the camera followed him a lot, many, many close-ups <be still my heart>. Then there was a commotion in the party, several people rushed and fell over or something, and Nick's character was watching at that with covert amusement in his eyes... At one time he openly laughed, Oh my, those bunny teeth, you'd like to... Well, he became serious at once, all his behaviour changing in the blick of an eye (like in Deadly Isolation, ya know) and you could guess there was a lot more in his character than could be seen... Something devilish and manipulating... And the camera went on, following him now and then with ever greater close-ups....

Okay, I need a cold shower. Or, if you don't mind, I'd rather go back to sleep. In case I can catch what's happening later... ROTFLMAO

BTW, could the dream be because I worked till 3am revamping my site? Not changing the content, but smoothing the look. Now it's darker and sexier than before. I wasn't happy with the too "rectangular" look and I wanted something to soften it. What else than a Nick portrait for the logo, with drop shadows to add depth? And a range of colours, softer and warmer greens, and plain colour boxes for the written parts so it's more lisible, though keeping the leather main background... That's me knitting CSS. Do you know there's an international knitting contest in France? Read the title yesterday in my newspaper :o)


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